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How to Adopt


Manitoba Mutts Dog Rescue has an official policy in which we adhere to in adopting out dogs or cats to any and all types of homes. In short, here are our deal breakers:

-4 dog per household limit.
-No chains.
-No sleeping outside. Therefore they must have access to a heated barn, garage or other proper shelter. A heated dog house is not an acceptable form of housing.
-Must interact with people in a positive manner daily.
-Must not have short fur if being adopted as a working dog during the day to withstand the elements.
-Must not be running at large while people are away from the property.
-All animals in the adopters care must be spayed or neutered unless reasonable reasons are given as to why not.
-Have good references.



How do I pick a dog or puppy that will be good for myself/my family?
First off, know what you’re looking for in a pet. How often do you expect to exercise your dog? Do you want more of a couch potato or do you want an agility dog? Do you want a dog that will quickly learn a handful of tricks and like to show off? Do you want a dog that will snuggle with your kids and become their best friend? Knowing the personality of a dog you want before you begin looking is important. We advise that you DO NOT pick a dog based purely on looks. Many applicants feel that size is a huge determinant of energy level, which is not true in most cases. We have some large dogs that are more laid back and some smaller dogs that are high energy.

Included on our website is a short bio on each adoptable. We’re more than happy to recommend certain dogs/pups based on the personality that you are looking for. Just shoot us an e-mail and we’d love to help you out!

Do I have to apply for a pet before meeting them? 
Since our adoptables are cared for in foster homes, not in a shelter, we require all potential adopters to be pre-approved before meeting them. The first step is to complete the adoption application in full. This information helps us properly match you with an adoptable that suits your lifestyle.  References are required to verify your information.  We promise to try our best to respond to all adoption inquiries within 48 hours.  Please be patient with us as our organization is run completely by volunteers.

How long does it take to adopt a pet? 

IMG_8688Once you are pre-approved, we will put you in contact with the foster home(s) so you can meet the adoptable(s) you are interested in adopting. Potential adopters are required to schedule a meeting within 24 hours. When meeting an adoptable, please remember to bring a signed contract and payment. If you are meeting dog/pup that is 8 weeks or older, remember to bring a leash and collar as well. If the meeting is a success and you choose to adopt, you may bring the adoptable home with you! For puppies and kittens under eight weeks old, you must leave a signed contract and payment with the foster home to secure the adoption. You will be contacted once the puppy/kitten is eight weeks old to arrange a pick up.  You cannot bring your new family member home without providing a signed contract and payment.

If needed, we will hold the adoptable for 24 hours to allow you to decide whether or not you want to adopt them.  After this time, if you are still unsure about adopting, we reserve the right to move onto the next interested adopter.

You’ve adopted a dog or cat! Now what? 

Dogs and cats can take up to 4-6 weeks to settle into a new environment. We encourage our adopters to be patient and give their new furry family members a chance to get used to their new home and routine. We are always here to provide help and support for your dog/cat and your family. If you have any questions or concerns about your new furry family member, please contact us. We can provide some advice on training and behavioral issues, and if necessary recommend a professional to help. Our goal is to find loving, permanent homes for our adoptables and we are dedicated to seeing that through. We offer an Alumni support group on Facebook for adopters to share pictures, stories and to ask questions. When you adopt a Manitoba Mutt, you’re part of our Mutts family.


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