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Fostering FAQs



Can I foster if I don’t live in Winnipeg?

Yes, as long as you can commute to Winnipeg to attend vaccine and vet appointments, and adoption fairs and events.

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Do you provide foster training?

While we don’t have a formal training program for our fosters, we have support staff ready to help answer any questions and concerns our fosters have.

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How can I become a foster?

If you would like to foster, please fill out the Foster Application form.

Does someone always have to be home? Most fosters work regular hours and participate in various activities. It’s okay for dogs to be alone for periods of time.

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How long would I need to foster a dog for?

Sometimes a dog is adopted in a week or two, other times a dog stays in care for several months. We can’t guarantee when a dog will be adopted. What’s important is the foster dog has a loving home to live in until it is adopted.

If you cannot commit to a long period, you can still help! We also need temporary foster homes to take in dogs for shorter periods of time.

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I have pets of my own. Can I still foster?

Having other pets in your home is fine and provides important socialization. Some dogs may not do well with other dogs, cats, or kids, so we place dogs that match your household.

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There’s a dog on the website I like – can I foster it?

Manitoba Mutts matches each foster dog with the best suited foster home. Some considerations include how the dog behaves with children, other dogs and cats. We do not move dogs who are already in foster care as it tends to be stressful for the dog when they move around.

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What if I don’t have a fence?

We prefer that homes have fenced yards, but this is not mandatory.

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What if the foster dog isn’t right for our household or we can no longer foster?

We will re-home the foster dog as soon as possible.  Sometimes a foster dog has unanticipated behaviours after getting into foster care, or there are conflicts with other family pets.

If you are able to wait a few days while we find a new foster home, this will avoid moving the dog more than necessary.  If it is urgent, we will move the dog right away.  When possible, we will connect the foster homes to coordinate a pickup/dropoff.

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What is a temporary foster home?

A temporary foster home takes in animals for short, usually pre-determined, periods of time (e.g., days, weeks). A temporary foster may be required:

  • when a long-term foster goes on vacation
  • when a long-term foster will not be available to care for their foster dog for a short period of time due to other commitments (work, family, etc.)
  • after we take in a dog, but before their long-term foster home can take them in
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Where can I get more information about fostering?

For more information or to apply to foster, email [email protected]

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