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Key Contact Emails

Although we have many wonderful volunteers that help keep us running, below are the key emails that can help with any questions you have!

Directors: Rebecca, Mallory, Jenn, Phoebe, Maxine, & Diane – directors@manitobamutts.org

Volunteer & Team Opportunities – recruit@manitobamutts.org

Adoptions – adopt@manitobamutts.org

Adoption Fairs – fairs@manitobamutts.org

Animal Intake – intake@manitobamutts.org

Foster Home Intake – fosterintake@manitobamutts.org

Fundraising – fundraising@manitobamutts.org

Donations – donate@manitobamutts.org

Tax Receipts – receipts@manitobamutts.org

Accounts Payable – bills@manitobamutts.org

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