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Why Foster

Why foster?

Foster families are the foundation of our rescue. We do not have a shelter and we rely on fosters to open up their hearts and homes. The more foster families we have, the more dogs we are able to rescue.


Benefits to the dogs

Many of our dogs started their lives abandoned, neglected, or ill.  Fostering gives rescued animals a second chance at life and teaches them what it is to be in a safe and loving home.

Foster dogs:

  • Get a second chance at life
  • Learn what it is to be loved
  • Learn how to live with a family
  • Learn how to trust
  • Get positive human interactions
  • Learn new behaviours and tricks while waiting for adoption

Benefits to you

Fosters open their homes to rescued animals and teach them what it’s like to live in a family environment.

Foster parents:

  • Save animals lives
  • Enjoy the company of the dogs
  • Prepare rescued animals for their forever homes
  • Feel the satisfaction of making a difference in the lives of animals
  • Learn how to train different types and breeds of dogs

Other benefits to your family, kids, dogs, etc. 

Fostering can also benefit your whole family!

  • family members learn compassion, patience, and responsibility
  • family members learn how to care for others
  • resident dogs get companionship
  • resident dogs can improve their skills—foster dogs can provide a distraction when training
  • If your family is considering adopting a dog, you get to save lives while you find the perfect fit
  • If your family is unable to own a dog (financial reasons, potential change in living situation, etc.), fostering is perfect way to enjoy the rewards of having a dog, without the commitment of ownership.

For more information about fostering, visit our How Fostering Works page, or email [email protected].


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