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Why join the MMDR Alumni?

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Join our Alumni!

You don’t just get a dog with MMDR, you get a community! – Faye Tardiff, Alumni Coordinator

Did you know that we have an awesome network of alumni who help support each other?

Manitoba Mutts Alumni is a facebook group, available to all people who have adopted dogs or cats from us. It is more than just a group—it’s a community!

MMDR Alumni is where like-minded people, who understand the joys and difficulties of pet ownership, share their stories and turn to for advice. No topic is off limits!

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Manitoba Mutts Alumni is a place for our adopters to:

  • ask questions about training
  • give tips/advice
  • arrange play dates
  • keep in touch with litter-mates
  • celebrate success stories
  • vent frustrations
  • show off cute pictures!
  • form friendships
  • give/receive emotional support
  • …and much more!


Joining our alumni is as easy! Just request to join our group on Facebook.

*Requests are usually approved within a couple of hours.


Other benefits of being part of the MMDR Alumni community:

1. MMDR Alumni rates with The Noble Hound Training for in-home training sessions, day care, leash manners classes and obedience school

2. Free 11 x 14 portrait of your new furry family member with Pearl Angelini Photography

3. Coupons from Fort Garry Veterinary Hospital and Dakota Veterinary Hospital.


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