• Age: 4 years, 1 month (2020-01-10)
  • Sex: female
  • Breed: mixed
  • Size: large (50-80lbs)
  • Mutt-O-Meter: No ChildrenRequires Experienced Owner

Hi, I’m Marta! I am a shy & sassy girl!

I love my personal space. My kennel is my favorite place to relax but I prefer the door open and will groan in displeasure when you close it. 

I am fully housetrained. I would benefit from having another calm dog in the house; no puppies please. Apartment or condo living isn’t a good fit for me.

I like the cats in my foster home but sometimes I need a reminder not to play so rough. 

NO CHILDREN UNDER 10 PLEASE! I like my personal space and am slow to trust and the tiny humans are too fast and unpredictable for my liking. 

I love going on walks but am still nervous on the leash. 

I’m not high maintenance but I do have a couple of requests:
– A fenced-in yard is a must! I was bred for running and have a need for speed. 
– A large kennel, please.
– And most importantly your patience.

Apply here:

or contact [email protected]

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