• Age: 2 years, 3 months (2021-08-05)
  • Sex: female
  • Breed: DMH
  • Size: small (0-30lbs)
  • Mutt-O-Meter: No Restrictions

Hello! I’m Ruby and I want everybody to be my VERY best friend! I had kind of a hard start in life. I was living outside most of the time with my former owner. He tried his best, but he couldn’t protect me, so he gave me the chance at a wonderful life! I’m making the very best of it now in my foster home with all my babies and the resident chonky cat.

I’m not far from being a kitten myself, and having babies made me grow up fast. But I’m making up for things now and play just as hard as my little ones! Heck, one of the best things is chasing the tail of the resident cat here. He doesn’t like that, but I’ll tell you, it gets him moving and we chase each other around! (I think he has fun but just won’t admit it) If he’s sleeping, I keep myself entertained because there is a LOT of ground to cover here when doing my daily zoomies! Oh and toys! I LOVE toys!

My foster momma jokes that I’m like a walking mullet. I’ve shorter fur in the front but a full FLOUNCE of a super floofy tail in the back. I’m not a big cat, and I keep myself trim with all my zoomie reps. I’m missing my ear tips, that was from when I was outside I think, but foster momma says it just makes me even prettier!

I’ve liked everyone I’ve met so far, kids are fun as they can play for as long as I do. You may just have to give me a few minutes to get used to you. I do like to wind around your feet in the kitchen and rub against your legs, just to make sure you don’t forget I’m down here. When I’m curled up on your bed, you just have to rub my head and I’ll give you a full long lean stretch and ask for a belly rub.

I’d sure love to live with other pets, but as long as you give me lots of attention, I could be your “one and only”. But I’m full of energy, will you run zoomies with me? I’ve not met dogs yet, but living outside I would hear them and it was scary. I would probably be okay as long as the doggo was super patient with me.

Foster mom is really happy that I’ve never once jumped up on the kitchen counters, that’s probably because she’s got lots of trees by the windows I can look out. I do love a good window view!

I love being with my people and furry friends, and will sleep at the end of the bed to keep your feetsies warm. I’m not a lap cat, but once I really settle in, I’m sure I could become one. Will you give me a chance to keep your toes warm? Looking forward to meeting you soon! mwah

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