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  • Age: 1 year, 3 months (2022-06-07)
  • Sex: male
  • Breed: DMH
  • Size: small (0-30lbs)
  • Mutt-O-Meter: No Restrictions

Hello, I’m Pumpernickel from the extended Bread litter. Me and my siblings lost our mom just after we were born, so mama Naan of the original Bread litter accepted us into her brood.

I am fully litter-trained and am learning to scratch on appropriate things. I love kibble and canned food, and still sneak the occasional sip of mama’s milk. I have met dogs and other cats in my foster home and I do well with them as long as they are gentle. I haven’t met small humans yet, but my foster mom thinks I would do just fine. Toys? I love ‘em, especially ones on a stick that I can chase. I also love to climb, so a tall cat tree is a must in my new home.

I’m ready to climb into my forever home’s arms, will that be yours?

One more thing, I am being fostered in Steinbach, but you know what they say, it’s worth the trip!

Apply here: https://manitobamutts.org/how-to-adopt/online-adoption-application/

or contact [email protected]

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