• Age: 3 months, 19 days (2022-06-07)
  • Sex: female
  • Breed: DSH
  • Size: small (0-30lbs)
  • Mutt-O-Meter: No Restrictions

I met my foster mum the day I was born, after being found in a construction site crawlspace, placenta still attached, and completely coated in dry mud! Hence, my name…

Over the past few months, I have grown into a fine young lady who is extremely obsessed with slippers, even if your feet are still in them…. I’m also a huge fan of soft, squishy blankets. Drop me on top of one of those and I’ll make you a batch of biscuits before napping on the job.

I love to play and climb, and when I’m tuckered out, I’ll come to sit quietly next to you so you can pick me up to nap on your lap!

I’m very good with other cats, traveling in my kennel, and I am crate trained. I use my litter box well, though don’t trust me to have full run of the house until I’m a bit bigger!

I’m fine with children, and have only seen dogs in passing, but would be willing to make friends.
I may never learn to bring you your slippers, but I can certainly help you remove them!

Adopt your very own kitten assistant today, and take me home!

Apply here:

or contact [email protected]

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