• Age: 1 year, 3 months (2020-09-24)
  • Sex: male
  • Breed: DLH
  • Size: small (0-30lbs)
  • Mutt-O-Meter: Requires Experienced Owner

Hi, I’m Minky! I’m going to begin by telling you some wonderful things about myself. I believe this is called “hooking them in.”

-I am a world-class cuddler. Seriously. The lap cat of the year! Ok sometimes I do drool on said lap but only until I fall asleep and that never takes more than 7 seconds. 

-Speaking of naps, I love to snooze. I will occasionally play with a toy but mostly I just want to relax.

-I’m very easygoing. I love people and I’m good with the other cat in my foster home, even though she is extremely rude. I haven’t met any dogs yet and a slow intro to any resident pets would be greatly appreciated. 

-I use my scratching post and my litter box like a pro. 

-My long luxurious coat was all matted and yucky when I got to my foster home. It’s much much better now but I’d still love it if you’d brush me regularly! I still go from majestic to ragamuffin pretty easily. 

Now that you’re in love with me, I’ll tell you about my sordid past. I know I appear to be a distinguished gentleman who may enjoy a nice polo match or garden party, but I’m not so sophisticated as all that! In fact, I came from an extremely humble background. When I was picked up and brought into my foster home, I was starving. I don’t mean I had missed my usual high tea that day… I was actually starving. This caused some health issues, as you might imagine! Fortunately I had an amazing team of humans who figured out what was wrong with me and got me all fixed up! I was diagnosed with Irritable Bowel Disease, but you’d never know it now thanks to the special food they got me eating! I do feel that I should tell you I’ll probably have to eat special food for my whole life. None of that cheap stuff for me! Maybe I’m growing into my regal looks after all… 

Thanks for sticking with me through the whole story! I’m really hoping to find my forever lap- I mean home. Forever home. I’ve been through a whole lot and somehow am still the sweetest cat ever! So if you have room in your home and your heart, please apply to meet me! I promise I’m worth it!

Apply here: https://manitobamutts.org/how-to-adopt/online-adoption-application/

or contact [email protected]

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