Age: 2 Months (09-12-2018) | Sex: Male 
Breed: Mixed | Size: L 50-70 lbs)

Hi I’m Rain, from the Weather litter! I absolutely love to play fight with my sister Hurricane, even though she sometimes kicks my butt! I really love to chew on ropes and water bottles in a sock, and carrots! My favourite time of the day is whenever there is food! I just can’t help myself, I get so excited. I’m trying and learning how to sit nicely and wait for my food and treats. I’m doing really good at pee pad training, I almost always use it. It’s to cold out for my tiny toes to be outside right now. I sleep in my very own cozy kennel right beside my brother and sister. Sometimes when I think I’m all alone, I cry, but remember someone always comes back for me and my siblings are right beside me. I look forward to filling your heart with lots of love and giving lots of licks!  ed with and carried.

I look forward to filling your heart with love and giving lots of licks!

I am ready for meetings now and can go home on February 3rd. 

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