Age: 7 weeks (2020-02-02) | Sex: Male
Breed: Mixed | Size: M (30-50 lbs)
Mutt-O-Meter: GREEN

Hi my name is Ian, I am part of the Onward litter. 

I love to sleep and play with my little human. I like the big dog they have here that guards us, I watch him from a distance and follow him everywhere. There is a thing they call a cat here…. not a fan, but I just ignore it and it leaves me alone.

I am still learning the potty on paper thing… I’m young – I will get it!I have no clue what my name is as I will just run towards anybody with food, water… socks… oh how I love people wearing socks:)

But grab me and bring me on the couch and rub my belly, ears and I will fall fast asleep 

Please I will love u even if you don’t have socks for me to chew. 

*ADOPTION MEETINGS are postponed until further notice, but apply now to make sure you get a chance to meet me later! “Anything worth having is worth waiting for!”

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