Age: 1 year (2018-05-22) | Sex: Male
Breed: Mixed | Size: M (30-50 lbs)
Mutt-O-Meter: YELLOW

I’m a very active boy who loves being involved! Sometimes a bit too much as I can get pushy.

I came into foster care as an emergency case back in May when I was run over by an ATV which severely damaged my back legs. I wore casts on my back legs at first, did some hydrotherapy and was fitted for a special brace to be worn when needed. I healed up so well from all of this and the rest at an amazing foster home I no longer required surgery and was able to keep my back leg!

My bones healed up really well and out came a CRAZY Conan. Yep I was ready to go…Maybe a bit too much with not the best manners! So I spent some time with an awesome trainer / behaviourist at a boarding facility to teach me some better manners and burn off some energy.  I got to do to daycare everyday and play with lots of dogs but then it was time for me to get back into a foster house with dogs and learn some house manners. 

I’ve been back in a foster home with 2 dogs – (5 yrs and 8 months) and learning “house manners”,  patience, how and when to share so I can get out there and start my new life.

I am still pushy to see new things, get outside and can get loud when I hear new things so apartment living would not be for me!  I would do best with an experienced owner in a fenced yard with a dog friend who can tolerate and keep up with me. I am fully potty trained and will let you know when I have to go out but cannot yet be trusted when my family goes out so I do get kennelled and …NOPE I don’t like it, I make noises when you leave (so does my foster brother, we try and see who can be louder) but I do settle down and will even nap after a I finish my treats. At night time I just sleep with my foster mom and dogs in bed, and even like to takes naps in there when you are home – it’s like my safe place and I get to watch out the window with my foster brother.  I do love other dogs even though sometimes at first it does not sound or look like it – as when I get excited I make funny noises and usually have my mouth open, so good chance someone is going to get “Flee Bites” so slower intros with space is key.

I am good on a walks but it’s best to keep me close as I still spook a little at the different noises out  there (cars, trucks etc..) and I do love car ride now (they used to scare me).

My foster mom may ask for more then 1 meeting to ensure my new life is started the right way and not rushed.

I am a fun, quirky boy who would love to make you laugh and keep your bed warm, will you take a chance on me?

*To ensure you are comfortable with my quirks, I also come with a ‘behaviour credit’ for a one on one consult with one of Manitoba Mutts participating trainers!

THANK YOU FOR YOUR GENEROSITY! It's been a long road but my bills are finally paid off and now I'm looking for that…

Posted by Manitoba Mutts Dog Rescue Inc. on Tuesday, May 28, 2019
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