Age: 1 year (2018-05-22) | Sex: Male
Breed: Mixed | Size: M (30-50 lbs)
Mutt-O-Meter: YELLOW

Hi my name is Conan!

I’m a happy, loving, very active boy who is a little pushy to see new things and be involved. I loved being involved!

I came into foster care as an emergency case as my back legs were severely damaged when I was run over by an ATV back in May. I had many vet appointments, surgery, a short stay at the vet, splint changes on my back legs while healing and hydrotherapy along with a special splint to use when needed. I healed up so well with my bed rest at an amazing foster home! The vet was able to save my right leg! (you can see my full story under MMDR’s Super Troopers page)

My leg bones have been all healed up now for a while and when they were… out came a Crazy Conan (foster mom calls me that sometimes) There are so many things to do out there…Running, Jumping, Chasing…TOYS…LOVE…Cuddles…(foster mom says dogs are not supposed to fly) Yep I am still very “puppish”. I did have a stay at a boarding facility for a while to learn how to burn off some of this energy and did amazing there. Now I am back in a foster home with 2 dogs and learning “house manners” and patience so I can get out there and start my new life. I am still a little pushy to see new things and can get loud when I hear new things, but getting better every day.

I am fully potty trained and will let you know when I have to go out but cannot yet be trusted when my family leaves the house, so I do get kennelled and don’t really like to go in there too much. My foster brother is kennelled in the room beside me and we have a radio on, get bones to chew in there and a blanket to lay on. I do sometimes make noises when my people leave (so does my foster brother) but I do settle down and foster mom has seen me napping in there. I am also very anxious when you walk in the door to get out of the kennel and see you again. At night time I just sleep with my foster mom in bed, and even like to takes naps in there when you are home – it’s like my safe place and I get to watch out the window with my foster brother. I love all the dogs I meet but I do get over excited and make noises or bark, so slow intros are key but I do have really good dog manners, just sometimes a little clueless on when to share things.

My foster brother is only 7 months old and we play all the time and both have to be reminded how to share nice and that we sometimes need to rest. I also have a foster sister, she’s 5 yrs old but I love playing with her too and sneaking in cuddles when she lets me. (sometimes my foster brother gets jealous) I have not met any cats since I’ve been in foster care or small kids..Foster mom figures I would be fine but maybe older kids would be best as I can be pushy and don’t always watch where I’m running even though I’m not very big. I also love going for walks and don’t mind car rides once I get use to you and your car.

I am not an apartment dog due to my noises and would be best in a fenced yard and with a dog friend and experienced owner. Foster mom may ask for more than 1 meeting to ensure my new life is started the right way and not rushed. Also I hope my new family to gets me into training classes to help learn with me. I am pretty smart and already know a few tricks.

I am a fun, quirky boy who would love to make you laugh and keep you bed warm, Will you take a chance on me?​

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