There are extreme cases of care and support at Manitoba Mutts. We've selected a few dogs to feature as super heroes. Their will to live, and our generous community of volunteers and donors save their lives. And along the way these dogs touch all the lives of those involved along the way. We call them our Super Troopers. Follow their stories. Share. Donate.

Super Trooper Update: Madeira 

Background: Madeira was found hanging around the teacherage in Black River. She had no collar, was hungry and looked unkept.

Challenges: During Madeira's intake exam, the vet found a very deep puncture wound on her chest and her blood work came back showing she was Heartworm positive.

Total Vet Bills: Wound repair surgery, hospitalization, medications and Heartworm treatment: $650 Funds raised: $0

Update: Madeira underwent surgery to place two drains in her chest so her puncture wound can heal properly. The drains and staples were recently removed and she has healed up perfectly! She has also completed her Heartworm treatments and is well on her way to picture-perfect health!

Throughout her whole ordeal Madeira has been an excellent patient and even willingly took her medications from her foster family!

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To donate to Marnie's care, please visit:

Background: Manie was found in Grand Rapids after allegedly being torched and hit by a car. 

Challenges: When Marnie was taken to the vet she had a huge lump in her knee. Her x-rays showed us that her entire femoral leg bone was fusing itself in an abnormal way. If this continued, she eventually wouldn’t be able to walk. Marnie also had bruising along her right side and upon inspection, it seems that a couple ribs were broken at one point. 

Total Vet Bills: Spay, leg amputation, medications: $875. Funds Raised: $35.

Update: Marnie has had her leg amputated and was spayed. Due to her leg injury, Marnie has had lots of practice modifying her balance for life on three legs. Although she went through two surgeries, she still wants to be up and walking but she needs to learn how to slow down to allow everything to heal. 

To donate to Marnie's care, please visit:

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To donate to their care, please visit:

Background: Bliss, Cupid, Lovebug and Sweetheart came into care on February 12, 2015. All of the pups had parvo which caused Lovebug to pass away.   

Challenges: We are working out their tummy issues and the dehydration that comes with parvo but they’re looking better everyday. All of the pups have gained a lot of weight with their improved health and diet since coming into care but they still face some health hurdles as their immune systems are still weak.

Bliss is the runt of the litter but came in healthier than her siblings. She’s a small and quiet girl who prefers to stay out of her siblings antics. She’s also very smart and has figured out the stairs and other challenges in record time! Bliss likes to stay inside and keep warm by cuddling and giving kisses to anyone in her vicinity, including the cat. 

Sweetheart is getting fluffier everyday! She loves to play outside but when it's time to slow down, she’ll snuggle right into your neck. Sweetheart was the weakest of the three but she’s perked up and loves to wrestle with her brother. She was also very skinny but is now eating like a champ and catching up.  

Cupid was also very skinny and weak when he came into care. He’s a handsome guy who loves snuggling with his sisters. Although he has the shortest hair of the three, Cupid is always on the top of the puppy pile to keep his sisters safe. As he becomes healthier, Cupid is starting to enjoy wrestling with his sister and running around in the snow. When Cupid slows down for cuddles, he usually snuggles with his siblings, but is always open to cuddle you too! 

Total vet bills to bring into care: Hospitalization, IV fluids, IV medication and take-home medication: $1500 to treat all three pups. [Funds raised: $802]

Update: Bliss, Cupid and Sweetheart still have some tummy issues so they’re staying on a gastro diet for a little longer. They’re getting their first vaccinations this week and are working on their kennel and house training which are coming along nicely. 

Bliss, Cupid and Sweetheart can all sit for treats and Cupid is shaking a paw! They’re all super snugglers and Bliss is a big kisser, she thinks everything is better with a kiss. Sweetheart is learning to fetch but she hasn't mastered “drop it” yet.

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In Memoriam
This section is dedicated to the Super Troopers that have crossed over the rainbow bridge, run free sweet babies.

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Rest in peace little Iggy

Iggy came into care of Manitoba Mutts for three days before she became lethargic, started vomiting, had diarrhea and was diagnosed with Parvo. She was immediately placed on IV fluids, IV medications and was given transfusions. 

Despite the best efforts of the staff at Southglen Vet, poor Iggy continued to deteriorate to the point it was necessary to make the decision to end her pain and suffering. Iggy was let go with her foster parents by her side on April 19, 2015. 

Total vet bills: $1450
Funds raised: $20

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Run free beautiful Akira.
We're glad we got to know you.

To donate to Akira’s care, please visit:

Background: Akira first came into care in December 2014 as a surrender from a small community in Nunavut, where she used to be part of a sled dog team.

Challenges:  When Akira came into care, she had an infected, prolapsed uterus. The day after the corrective surgery and spay, she escaped from care. She ran through downtown Winnipeg with her cone still on her head, and got hit by a car. She continued to run all night and late into the next morning through several neighbourhoods. After a massive search by volunteers and people posting sightings online, Akira was finally caught. She was taken straight to the vet to be checked out and, miraculously, she had no new injuries and her stitches were still intact. 

Successes: Akira’s surgery went well, and she is resting in care after her big adventure. 

UPDATE: Akira began showing some symptoms such as watery eyes and lethargy so she was brought to the vet. Unfortunately she tested positive for Distemper, a contagious and serious viral illness with no known cure. Akira's foster family took her back home to allow her to spend her final days in a loving home. She passed away on January 14th. 

Vet Bills: Hospital stay, blood work, fluids, surgery, pain meds: $850. [Funds raised to date: $750]

Thank you to all who donated towards Akira's care.

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Rest in peace Miss Beazley.
We're glad we could show you love.

To donate to Miss Beazley’s vetting costs please visit:

Background:  Miss Beazley came into care as a stray from a Manitoba community on October 31, 2014. She was living outdoors in a school yard, where the principal watched over her until we could bring her into care.

Challenges: When Miss Beazley came into care, she had a broken hip, was severely dehydrated and underweight, had bloody stool, refused to eat, and was very lethargic. Testing revealed that she also had parvovirus, a life-threatening disease.

Miss Beazley was so weak that she would not have been able to handle the surgery and intensive parvovirus treatment.  She was beyond our help and the best thing for her was to end her pain. 

Vet Bills: hospitalization, IV fluids and meds, x-rays, euthanasia, cremation: $700. [Funds raised to date: [$460]

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Rest in peace sweet Ace.

To donate to Ace’s vetting costs please visit:

Background: Ace came into care as a stray from a Manitoba community on September 26, 2014.

Challenges: While in his foster home Ace's foster mom noticed that he was lethargic and had difficulty breathing. He was immediately rushed to Southglen Veterinary Hospital. While in care we learned that Ace was suffering from pneumonia. He was immediately put on IV antibiotics and IV fluids.

Success: After a couple days of treatment, Ace is getting better! He's currently in his foster home and he will be available for adoption soon.

Vet Bills: $1750 for IV antibiotics, IV fluids, and boarding. [Funds raised to date: $960]

UPDATE: Ace was introduced to you all as a Super Trooper last week and after rebounding for a few days he took a sudden turn for the worse. Ace's foster mom noticed that his symptoms were coming back and rushed Ace to an emergency vet hospital on Thanksgiving weekend. Ace then suffered from three grand mal seizures and it was apparent that whatever he had, he wasn't going to recover from. While we don't know for sure, his pneumonia-like symptoms now combined with seizures point to distemper being the likely cause of death. Run free Ace, we're glad we could show you love.

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There are extreme cases of care and support at Manitoba Mutts. We've selected a few dogs to feature as super heroes. Their will to live, and our generous community of volunteers and donors save their lives. And along the way these dogs touch all the lives of those involved along the way. We call them our Super Troopers. Follow their stories. Share. Donate.

To donate to Habanero’s care, please visit:

Background: In November 2014, Habanero first came into care as a stray from a small community, where he was being fed by local workers.

Challenges: When Habanero’s foster brought him to the vet to be neutered, it was discovered that he had an old pelvis injury, and his right rear leg needed to be amputated. He also had a couple of fractured teeth that needed to be removed.

Vet Bills: X-rays, leg amputation, tooth extractions: $939. [Funds raised to date: 100%]

Successes: Habanero’s surgery went well and he is learning how to live the good life in his foster home.

Update: Habanero is doing fantastic! Having three legs doesn’t stop him from running around, being carefree and loving life!

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Super Trooper Update: Habanero

Habanero is now a Super Trooper Alumni and has found his forever family. He has a doggy pal in his new home and gets a ton of belly rubs! Habanero loves to run and play fetch with his squeaky ball. He knows how to have fun but is also a calm guy who loves everyone he meets.  

His new family says, “We love that even though he's been through a lot, he still gives us so much love. He really brightens our days!” 

Habanero’s bills are completely paid off thanks to everyone who donated and supported his journey!

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Bruno’s Story 

Background: Bruno was found in late January with a trapping snare around his neck.

Challenges: Bruno’s neck wound is healing well but due to the nature of the trauma, he requires laser therapy. This will help stimulate cell regeneration and blood circulation to allow the area to heal.

Total vet bills to bring into care and treat wounds: Neuter, hospital stay, surgical repair of neck wound, medication and laser therapy: $500. Funds raised: $500.

Update: Bruno’s laser treatment went well and his wound is now only a scar. He still requires a harness while going for walks to keep his neck safe from damage. Plus, Bruno is now available for adoption!

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Super Trooper Update: Bruno

Bruno has found his forever home and is now a Super Trooper Alumni! He loves curling up to his new family on the couch while watching hockey. Bruno goes on lots of walks and car rides. He’s an old soul who looks like he’s smiling when he’s happy. He’s also a goofball and does a funny run where his legs fly out horizontally. 

Bruno’s family says, “We love how when we get home, he flops around our feet just wanting love and belly rubs! He does the cutest wiggle when he gets excited and he’s the world’s biggest lapdog. He’s way too cute and we love him so much!”  

Bruno’s bills are completely paid off thanks to everyone who donated/supported him!

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Donations saved my life!

Background: Marlow came from Nelson house as a stray and was found limping.

Challenges: During her vet appointment, they found that Marlow was limping due to a broken hip and an underdeveloped leg. She was also sick and needed antibiotics. Once Marlow recovered from her sickness, she went into surgery which involved having her leg amputated. 

Total vet bills to bring into care: Broken hip, leg amputation, surgery, hospitalization, and medication: $1675. Funds raised to date: $130.

Success: Marlow’s surgery went well and her foster family has decided to be her forever home! After her surgery, Marlow slept the first week away and got a ton of cuddles.

Update: Now that Marlow is off her medications she has a chance to show her personality. She loves to cuddle and is very friendly. Having three legs doesn’t stop Marlow from playing with her kitty sister, people and other dogs. But she’s working on her stamina since it takes a lot more energy on three legs than what she was used to. Marlow’s new mom says “I can't imagine not having Marlow around as she has brought such love and joy to our lives.”

Please donate to Marlow's care at:

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Trigger's Story! 

Background: Trigger came into care after he was left with a couple of his buddies (who are also in care) on a porch in a Northern community.

Challenges: Triggers foster mom noticed that the day after he arrived he was lethargic, had diarrhea and was vomiting so he was rushed to Southglen Veterinary Hospital where he tested positive for Canine Parvovirus. If left untreated, parvo has a 91% mortality rate. Even with aggressive treatment, there is still a 5%-20% chance that the pup will succumb to the virus. Trigger was immediately hooked up to IV's and underwent antibiotic treatment. 

Success: Trigger responded well to treatment and he is now in his foster home to recover and get his strength back. He's even starting to wag his tail! Please keep him in your thoughts as he's not out of the woods yet.

Vet Bills: Testing, treatment, vet boarding, and aftercare totals: $550 [Funds raised to date: 100%]

To donate to Trigger’s care please visit:

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Donations saved my life! 

Super Trooper Trigger has been adopted into a wonderful home! He’s growing fast and is a well trained boy. He’s full of energy and loves to play in the snow, chase his tail, play fetch and tug-of-war. 

Trigger is still a little boy who gets scared easily by noises outside. If he’s scared during a walk, he’ll grab his leash, turn around and run all the way home! His neighbours often see him pulling his owners up and down the street about four times per day.

When Trigger was first adopted, he slept with his parents for the first week but now he’s brave enough to sleep alone, under their bed. But when morning comes, Trigger gives them lots of cuddles! 

Trigger’s mom says, “He’s brought so much joy into our household and he’s amazing with our niece and seven nephews!”

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Apple's Story! 

Background: Apple first came into care as a stray in November 2011. She was adopted but returned in February 2014 because the burn wasn’t improving and her family was unable to devote the time needed for her recovery.

Challenges: When Apple came in, she had a severe burn on her back. Because the burn was so deep, it has been really hard to heal. Apple has been through laser therapy, various creams and bandages, medication, and dermatologist appointments. 

Success: Apple has had excellent care from Dakota Veterinary Hospital, and a wonderful foster. Her burn is healing well and she goes back for her second dermatologist consultation in January. 

Vet Bills: Vet and specialist appointments, treatments, creams, medications, and bandages: $600 to date, expected to rise to $1,000. [Funds raised to date: $500]

To donate to Apple’s care, please visit:

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Donations saved my life!

Super Trooper Apple has found her forever home and is now named Phoenix. Since being adopted, Phoenix has had a surgery to remove all of the damaged tissue and to close the area on her back where her severe burn was. 

She’s currently recovering by having lots of crate rest and short walks. Her new mom says, “She is the BEST thing that has happened to me and a true lesson in forgiveness and living for today! We can all learn from her!”

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Valour's Story! 

Background: Valour first came into care as a stray from a rural community about 6 hours north of Winnipeg on November 10, 2014.

Challenges: Valour had an infected gunshot wound to his rear left leg that was already a few days old. The staff at Southglen Vet are determining how much damage was done and whether the leg will need to be amputated or not.

Successes: MMDR volunteers and supporters came together to quickly bring Valour to Winnipeg to get the care he needs.

Vet Bills: Vetting, x-rays, bloodwork, fluids, pain meds, and amputation: $1675. [Funds raised to date: $450 donated towards vet bills at Southglen Vet.]


Because of the damage done by the bullet and the infection, Valour’s leg had to be amputated. The surgery went well and he is on the road to recovery, resting comfortably in his foster home.


Good news! Valour has been healing well and living the good life in his foster home! His goof-ball personality is shining through and has a knack for getting off his cone. Now that his energy is up, it’s time for the training to start!

The not-so-good news is Valour has tapeworm, which is treatable, but will add to his vet bills. Check out all our upcoming fundraisers on our website at All funds raised help our dogs, including Valour!

To donate to Valour’s care, please visit:

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Donations saved my life!

Valour has found his forever family and is now a Super Trooper Alumni! He’s adjusting well to his new home and has a ton of energy!

Valour is able to be himself and his family loves his goofball personality!

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To donate to Bella’s care please visit:

Background: Bella came into care as an owner surrender on September 25, 2014.

Challenges: At Bella's intake veterinary appointment at Dakota Vet she was found to suffer from a severe Urinary Tract Infection (UTI). Also her eyelids were turning inwards and causing her a lot of pain and irritation so she required entropion surgery to fix them. Eyelid issues are commonly found with Mastiff breeds. Unfortunately this condition may not be resolved with one surgery and she may require another one to two surgeries to fully fix her eyes.

Vet Bills: So far: $1250 [Funds raised to date: $720]

Success: Bella's UTI has cleared up well with the antibiotics. She also underwent her first entropion surgery at Dakota Veterinary Hospital which went well. We've also been told by the vet that she'll need at least one more surgery. 

Update: Bella is scheduled to go for her second entropion surgery February 5. Stay tuned for upcoming posts to follow Bella’s story.

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Donations saved my life!

Bella has found her furever home and is now a Super Trooper Alumni! 

Her second entropion surgery went well and her eyes are looking good with her stitches out. 

Bella is now living happily with her past foster mom, her daughter and a doggy pal (a fellow Mutt) who all love her to bits!

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Archer's Story! 

Background: Archer first came into care in September 2014. 

Challenges: Archer is a big, playful puppy who doesn’t know yet how to react to new dogs and people.  

Successes: Archer has been tested by one of our behaviouralists, and there is lots of potential for this big boy. He will be attending two weeks of boot camp to learn how to act around people and other dogs. 

Vet Bills: Boot Camp: $2,700. [Funds raised to date: 100%]

UPDATE: Archer has been doing well in boot camp, but still needs more time to continue learning how to act with people and animals.

UPDATE: Archer has been adopted! He's doing fantastic in his new home, and his bills have all been paid off. We couldn't be happier for the big guy!

To donate to Archer’s care, please visit:

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Donations saved my life!

Archer is now a Super Trooper Alumni! He was adopted on Boxing Day and lives with his two moms and a kitty friend! Archer started basic training at the Dryden Canine Academy in the beginning of February where he’s working on his leash manners. 

Archer loves his new home. He stays out of his kennel to watch the house when his family isn’t home for short periods of time, but once he’s ready, he’ll be able to stay out of his kennel most of the time. 

Archer’s favorite treat is peanut butter and on Saturday mornings, he has three eggs with his breakfast. He’s well-behaved for his age and is growing into a very handsome fellow. Archer also loves going for a drive in the truck and having friends over.

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