There are extreme cases of care and support at Manitoba Mutts. We've selected a few dogs to feature as super heroes. Their will to live, and our generous community of volunteers and donors save their lives. And along the way these dogs touch all the lives of those involved along the way. We call them our Super Troopers. Follow their stories. Share. Donate.

Super Trooper: Barbie

Background: In late July Barbie came into care with her siblings BoPeep, Etch, Bullseye, Woody, Buzz, Rex, Hamm and Sarge from Grand Rapids.

Challenges: Barbie is anemic, has very little muscle mass, a fluid-filled abdomen, anorexia and lethargy. 

Total Vet Bills: X rays, blood work, medications, a couple hospital stays, IV fluids, ultrasound, diagnostics: $2,000. Funds raised $1325.00

Current Health: Barbie has an intussusception, which means part of her intestines are going inside another part and will need surgery to fix it.  Her x ray shows cloudiness which is all of the fluid in her abdomen. Barbie will have her surgery and be spayed tomorrow on October 27 and if all goes well, she should make a full recovery.

Update: Barbie is doing fantastic after her surgery and will get her staples out in about a week!

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Nemo's Story 

Background: Nemo was transferred to MMDR from East Beaches Animal Shelter because they didn’t have the resources to foster Nemo during her heartworm treatment. To help Nemo along, they donated $800 to help with her care. 

Challenges: Nemo has heartworm.

Total vet bills: Heartworm treatment: approximately $1200. Funds raised: $800.

Current Health: Nemo started her heartworm treatments on September 30 at St. Pierre Vet. She absolutely loves attention and is a huge (90 lbs) cuddler. Nemo likes to sleep in the kennel and is working on her house training. Overall, Nemo is a low-energy girl but she of course gets a little excited when she gets to go outside or for walks. She does well on a leash and enjoys lounging outside under the deck.

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Kluane's Story

Background: Kluane was a stray found on someone’s property and is a mommy who came into MMDR very skinny. Her puppies were found under cement stairs that needed to be broken to get all the babies out.

Challenges: Kluane has tested heartworm positive.

Total vet bills: Heartworm treatment approximately $800. Funds raised: $100

Current health: Kluane is still skinny but she’s eaten over 50 lbs of kibble in less than a month. She has a hard time breathing when she runs and is very slow. Kluane tries to play with her pups but she can’t for long since her breathing becomes laboured. Because of this, she spends most of her time in a kennel or in the garage where her pups are. Although Kluane needs to breath heavier at times, she’s still happy girl who loves attention.

Update: Kluane aka Lanie is back from her first heartworm treatment at Fort Garry Vet. She did really well, she's moving slowly but seems happy!

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Jack's Story

Background: Jack was found outside of a school with her brother and sister. Jack’s tail was damaged when they were found and all three puppies had lice.  

Challenges: Jack was in rough shape when she same into care. She was extremely dehydrated, anemic and had a infected tail. She needed a few extra days of extra care to stabilize in the hospital before she had her surgery.

Total vet bills: Three days in hospital, surgery, IV for fluids, blood work, antibiotics, pain medications and go-home pain medications: $1,000. Funds raised $400.

Current health: Jack had her tail amputated at McLeod Veterinary Hospital on October 2, but she is making a fantastic recovery! She has a great appetite, is full of energy and loves to play with the other dogs and cats in the house. Jack is scheduled to get her stitches out on October 15-16 and then she can say goodbye to the cone!

Update: Jack had to have another 10 days of antibiotics and will be finished them on Saturday October 24. 

Otherwise, Jack is growing into quite the pretty little lady; her fur has grown out and is very soft compared to her thin, coarse fur when she first came into care. She’s getting taller every day and is miss long legs now. 

Jack is a very energetic and curious pup who is loving the warm weather. She runs around outside with the biggest puppy smile!

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Roz's Story

Background: Roz came into rescue on October 2 and after receiving her initial vaccinations Roz developed an extreme and adverse reaction. Roz had a seizure and was quickly rushed to the vet to confirm the root of the seizure and check for any complications as a result. 

Challenges: After the initial seizure Roz had TWO MORE seizures which lead to her being rushed back to the veterinary hospital and ultimately required overnight emergency care and follow up tests. Roz was put on an IV, had x-rays and bloodwork, and was put on a “seizure watch” with expert care. Notice the bells around her neck? The bells would ring if Roz began to seizure again. 

Total Vet Bills: $550 for overnight emergency care, IV fluids, x ray and bloodwork. Funds raised: $125.

Update:  Roz is back in her foster home under continued supervision. We fully expect her to bounce back after this scary and rare reaction.

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Indy's Story

Background: Indy was found wandering in a northern community on someone’s property. She also looked as though she must have had pups recently. 

Challenges: During Indy’s intake exam, she tested heartworm positive. 

Total Vet Bills: Pre-treatment medication, x-ray, hospitalization, heartworm treatment, pain relief, IV: $1000. Funds raised: $175. 

Current health: Indy’s treatments will be done at Dakota Veterinary Hospital.

Update: Indy’s energy levels have improved now that she's had her first round of heartworm treatment, yet she is still very good at remaining calm. Indy is a good natured girl who is a complete pushover when it comes to getting treats and attention. Indy is doing great with her training and will definitely shine once she’s done her heartworm treatment and is allowed to exercise.

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Moby's Story

Background: Moby was a stray found in Peguis. She was found with her brother who went to another rescue. Both Moby and her brother were terrified and starving.

Challenges: During Moby’s intake exam, she tested heartworm positive. 

Total Vet Bills: Heartworm treatment: $700. Funds raised: $50. 

Update: After Moby’s first heartworm treatment, she was super tired and not herself but after a couple days, she was wagging her tail and wanting to play. To fully recover from the heartworm, Moby’s isn’t allowed much exercise but she seems to be much happier. Especially since she’s been adopted by a wonderful family who loves her lots!

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Winx's Story

Background: Winx was rescued by a rescue group called Strays That Can't Pay in Canupawaka. He was found alone and very skinny.

Challenges: During Winx’s intake exam, he was diagnosed with parvo.

Total Vet Bills: Four days hospital stay, IV fluids and meds: $485. Funds raised $100.

Health: Winx is doing really well, the parvo was caught very early so he’s had an excellent chance at recovering.

Update: Winx came home on November 4, from his surgery (he had a bad hip) he's doing really well and is fully enjoying the extra babying he's been getting. Winx has been relaxing a lot, he's a little sore and itchy from the incision but is still a super happy guy. Absolutely nothing can keep this little guy’s spirit down; he’s such a happy puppy with the worst luck.

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Red's Story

Red has contracted Demodex which are tiny parasitic mites that live in the fur. The poor girl can’t start mange treatment because of her heartworm so she is currently using shampoo and antibiotics to help get rid of them. 

Background: Red came from Swan Valley and when she came into care, she was very skinny. 

Challenges: Red tested positive for heartworm and is also pregnant. However, she won't be able to start her treatment until her babies are born and have been weaned. Since we have quite a few Super Troopers in care, Mutts was concerned about being able to fund her heartworm treatment.

Total vet bills: Heartworm treatment PLUS emergency C-section and meds to assist with the birth, Demodex treatment: $1964. Funds raised: 100%.


Red has contracted Demodex which are tiny parasitic mites that live in the fur. The poor girl can’t start mange treatment because of her heartworm so she is currently using shampoo and antibiotics to help get rid of them

Our generous supporters have raised $800!! This makes it possible to schedule Red’s heartworm treatment and to ensure she can start as soon as possible! 

Red had to undergo an emergency C-section while in labour. She did well, and has 11 babies that she's going to try her best to feed. As a result, Red's Super Trooper's funds need to be increased and additional funds are needed. 

Red has gained a ton of weight from her puppies and she’s due to pop any day now. The heartworm is causing her to breath heavier but she’s doing everything she can to support her babies. Red is a happy girl who loves cuddling and loves her food.

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In Memoriam
This section is dedicated to the Super Troopers that have crossed over the rainbow bridge, run free sweet babies.

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Rest in peace sweet girl

This little girl was very sick when she arrived at the Southglen Veterinary Hospital. She was diagnosed with parvo and was so weak that she could barely lift her head. Her owners  surrendered her to MMDR because they couldn’t afford the large treatment fees. She was there for one night and passed away.

If you wish to donate to her memorium fund to help cover the bills, you can donate online or by mail. We thank everyone who donates to help us give each animal we bring into care, the best chance for a healthy life. Sometimes even the best efforts can't win, but we invest the funds to give each animal the best shot at life they can.

Total vet bills: $230
Funds raised: $0

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Rest in peace little Iggy

Iggy came into care of Manitoba Mutts for three days before she became lethargic, started vomiting, had diarrhea and was diagnosed with Parvo. She was immediately placed on IV fluids, IV medications and was given transfusions. 

Despite the best efforts of the staff at Southglen Vet, poor Iggy continued to deteriorate to the point it was necessary to make the decision to end her pain and suffering. Iggy was let go with her foster parents by her side on April 19, 2015. 

Total vet bills: $1450
Funds raised: 100%

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Run free beautiful Akira.
We're glad we got to know you.

To donate to Akira’s care, please visit:

Background: Akira first came into care in December 2014 as a surrender from a small community in Nunavut, where she used to be part of a sled dog team.

Challenges:  When Akira came into care, she had an infected, prolapsed uterus. The day after the corrective surgery and spay, she escaped from care. She ran through downtown Winnipeg with her cone still on her head, and got hit by a car. She continued to run all night and late into the next morning through several neighbourhoods. After a massive search by volunteers and people posting sightings online, Akira was finally caught. She was taken straight to the vet to be checked out and, miraculously, she had no new injuries and her stitches were still intact. 

Successes: Akira’s surgery went well, and she is resting in care after her big adventure. 

UPDATE: Akira began showing some symptoms such as watery eyes and lethargy so she was brought to the vet. Unfortunately she tested positive for Distemper, a contagious and serious viral illness with no known cure. Akira's foster family took her back home to allow her to spend her final days in a loving home. She passed away on January 14th. 

Vet Bills: Hospital stay, blood work, fluids, surgery, pain meds: $850. [Funds raised to date: 100%]

Thank you to all who donated towards Akira's care.

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Rest in peace Miss Beazley.
We're glad we could show you love.

To donate to Miss Beazley’s vetting costs please visit:

Background:  Miss Beazley came into care as a stray from a Manitoba community on October 31, 2014. She was living outdoors in a school yard, where the principal watched over her until we could bring her into care.

Challenges: When Miss Beazley came into care, she had a broken hip, was severely dehydrated and underweight, had bloody stool, refused to eat, and was very lethargic. Testing revealed that she also had parvovirus, a life-threatening disease.

Miss Beazley was so weak that she would not have been able to handle the surgery and intensive parvovirus treatment.  She was beyond our help and the best thing for her was to end her pain. 

Vet Bills: hospitalization, IV fluids and meds, x-rays, euthanasia, cremation: $700. [Funds raised to date: 100%]

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Rest in peace sweet Ace.

To donate to Ace’s vetting costs please visit:

Background: Ace came into care as a stray from a Manitoba community on September 26, 2014.

Challenges: While in his foster home Ace's foster mom noticed that he was lethargic and had difficulty breathing. He was immediately rushed to Southglen Veterinary Hospital. While in care we learned that Ace was suffering from pneumonia. He was immediately put on IV antibiotics and IV fluids.

Success: After a couple days of treatment, Ace is getting better! He's currently in his foster home and he will be available for adoption soon.

Vet Bills: $1750 for IV antibiotics, IV fluids, and boarding. [Funds raised to date: 100%]

UPDATE: Ace was introduced to you all as a Super Trooper last week and after rebounding for a few days he took a sudden turn for the worse. Ace's foster mom noticed that his symptoms were coming back and rushed Ace to an emergency vet hospital on Thanksgiving weekend. Ace then suffered from three grand mal seizures and it was apparent that whatever he had, he wasn't going to recover from. While we don't know for sure, his pneumonia-like symptoms now combined with seizures point to distemper being the likely cause of death. Run free Ace, we're glad we could show you love.

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There are extreme cases of care and support at Manitoba Mutts. We've selected a few dogs to feature as super heroes. Their will to live, and our generous community of volunteers and donors save their lives. And along the way these dogs touch all the lives of those involved along the way. We call them our Super Troopers. Follow their stories. Share. Donate.

Murfy's Story

Background: Murfy is a Powerview stray that was caught by a dog catcher. He was very skinny and had only three days before being euthanized.

Challenges: During Murfy’s intake exam, the vet found that he was heartworm positive through his blood work. 

Total Vet Bills: Heartworm treatment: $800. Funds raised: 100%. 

Update: Murfy is feeling better now that he’s had his first round of  heartworm treatment and he’s beginning to take an interest in playing with the fellow dogs in the house. However, Murfy’s heartworm is causing him to feel tired so he is restricted to limited exercise for now. Luckily Murfy loves cuddles and enjoys to sit on anyones lap to relax.

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Donations saved my life!

Murfy has found his forever family and he couldn’t be doing better! He’s a happy, goofy, energetic boy who loves all people and dogs. He can win over anyone’s heart with his loving personality and has already done so with all of his new family and friends. 

Murfy’s favourite things to do are going for long walks or visits to the dog park. He loves bounding through the bushes and chasing birds and squirrels. 

Murfy’s new mom says, “The thing I love most about Murfy is how loving he is. He’s happiest sitting at your feet or with his head on your lap. I truly got lucky when I adopted Murfy, he has done nothing but bring joy and laughter into our home.”

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Sophie and Angelique's Story

Total Vet Bills: Hospitalization, medication, IV fluids: $2958. Funds raised: 100%. 

** watch their story on SHAW TV  

Background: Sophie and Angelique were a part of a litter of four who were having symptoms of lethargy, loose stool and throwing up. Since their owner couldn’t afford to treat all four puppies, she surrendered Sophie and Angelique to Manitoba Mutts while giving another pup to a different rescue in hopes of giving the puppies a chance to survive. 

Challenges: Sophie, Angelique and their brother came into Fort Garry vet on Friday July 3, 2015. They were very quiet, looked nauseous, were severely dehydrated and had drool leaking out of their mouths. Sophie and Angelique’s vet results came back strongly positive for parvo (canine parvovirus). They were then immediately hooked up to an intravenous and were on IV antibiotics and anti-nausea medicine.  

The next morning Sophie and Angelique received a plasma transfusion. They were depressed, and had no appetite. 

Gina, one of the Techs at Fort Garry vet, came in Sunday morning to check on the pups and saw that they were looking a little brighter. She even saw some tail-wags and rollovers for belly rubs. Both Sophie and Angelique seemed a little stronger and there wasn’t any vomit or diarrhea to be seen.

On Monday, Gina entered the parvo ward expecting to be greeted by happy puppies but instead saw vomit and diarrhea. The puppies seemed to be worsening; Sophie and Angelique received a second plasma transfusion and a new IV antibiotic. They were also force-fed so their blood sugars didn’t drop too low. 

Tuesday morning, Sophie greeted Gina at the front door of her kennel and began to lick her force-feeding syringe. Angelique was quiet, as was her brother, but their little tails were wagging. 

Update: Unfortunately their brother succumbed to the disease but Sophie was bathed and discharged on Wednesday, July 8, 2015. Angelique was strong enough to be discharged the next day. Angelique was spinning circles and eating great on her own.  

Gina says, “They were here for just under one week and I don't believe they would have survived without staying as long as they had. I'm glad we didn't give up on these sweet babies.”

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Donations saved our lives!

Sofie and Angelique are now Super Trooper Alumni! Both their vetting fees have been payed off thanks to the hundreds of dollars in donations!   

Sofie is loving her new home! She’s thrilled with riding in a basket on her mom’s bike and enjoys boat rides to the cabin enough to tolerate a doggy life-jacket. 

The world is a big and exciting place and Sofie just wants to experience it all! She sometimes forgets that she’s supposed to pee outside and "come" is still met with a blank look but that's Sofie, keeping it real.

Her new mom says, “I'm so grateful to the folks at Fort Garry Veterinary Hospital, Manitoba Mutts, and everyone who pitched in to save Sofie and her siblings. The world would definitely be a little less bright without this sweet dog.”

Angelique is now named Olive and is doing wonderful! She’s learning quickly and almost has house-training down perfectly. Olive is a very sweet, well-tempered girl who can be a bit shy sometimes but is gradually becoming more confident every day. 

Olive loves going for car rides so she can poke her head out of the window (her mom calls it yoloing). Plus, Olive has made friends with both her neighbour’s cats who are all about the same size as her.

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Linus's Story

Background: Linus came from a Manitoba community after his owner passed away.

Challenges: Linus came into the intake exam with sores all over his back which was caused by ticks. During the exam, the vet found that he was also heartworm positive and has lyme disease. Linus also had some early complications and had to spend a night at the vet getting treated.

Total Vet Bills: Hospitalization, IV medication, IV fluids: $1100. Funds raised: 100%.

Update: Linus’s sores have healed and he is now tick-free. Although Linus has a laid-back personality, he’s regained his energy and seems to be feeling much better.

Linus will be available for adoption once his treatments are complete.

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Donations saved my life!

Linus has found his furever family and is now a Super Trooper Alumni. We’ve received hundreds of dollars in donations and it's enough to pay off the remainder of Linus’ vetting bills!

Linus’s new family fell in love with him from the moment they saw his picture on the MMDR website. His new mom says, “My husband beat me to our first meeting with Linus at his foster home. When I arrived my husband who had been worried about getting a second dog, immediately said, ‘he's coming home with us’."

Linus is easy to love with his toothless grin. He’ll happily sit at your feet, look lovingly at you with his sad eyes, until you resume petting him for another hour.

Linus immediately adopted Grandma as his safe person and sleeps in her room every night. Although, he insists that she keep her door open so he can check the rest of the house throughout the night.  

Linus’ dog sister Zeva, loves to give him kisses.  He’s very particular about how he marks his turf and takes several twists and turns before he decides which leg should be lifted. After all of that work, Zeva thinks it’s a good spot too and Linus has to start all over. 

Linus’s family says, “Thanks to Linus's foster parents for taking such good care of him.”

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Pepi's Story

Read about Pepi in the Metro news:

Background: Pepi came into care June 18, 2015 where he was found by an Animal Control officer outside of Winnipeg. He’s an eight year-old Bichon and Poodle mix who has lost his eyes. 

Challenges: Shortly after coming into care Pepi started showing signs of illness with loose stool, was lethargic and he was not eating. Once he was taken to the vet, Pepi tested positive for parvo.

Total vet bills: Hospitalization, medications, parvo treatment: $1100. Funds raised: 100%.

Update: Pepi is eating well and has become his foster parent’s little shadow. He’s opened up since being in care and loves snuggling up to sleep on his foster parent’s chest. Pepi is a brave little guy who is always willing to greet everyone and enjoys getting attention. Since he’s had his parvo treatment, Pepi’s energy levels have increased and he adores running outside in the grass.

**Pepi is currently on medical hold and is not up for adoption yet.**

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Donations saved my life!

Pepi has found a wonderful home and has joined the Super Trooper Alumni! He’s settling into his new home and now has some fur buddies - a great dane and two cats! Pepi gets tons of love from the great dane and sometimes mom has to jump in to give Pepi some breathing room. Pepi is very content and calm and is happy to sit and cuddle. 

His new family says, “I love Pepi’s spirit. He's come through a lot - and he's still an adventurous and curious little guy with a loving heart.”

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