There are extreme cases of care and support at Manitoba Mutts. We've selected a few dogs to feature as super heroes. Their will to live, and our generous community of volunteers and donors save their lives. And along the way these dogs touch all the lives of those involved along the way. We call them our Super Troopers. Follow their stories. Share. Donate.

Laurel's Story

Background: Laurel came into our care as an owner surrender due to being unable to pay for her parvo treatment. 

Challenges: Laurel was diagnosed with parvo and requires constant veterinary care and IV fluids.

Update: Laurel was released from the vet and is doing great in her foster home. The vet couldn't believe how fast she came around.

Total estimated vet bills: $800. Funds raised: $370.

**To donate to Laurel's care please go to and be sure to include a note for Laurel so your donation goes directly towards her care.** Donations of $20+ receive a tax receipt.

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Moe, Larry and Curly's Story

Background: Moe, Larry and Curly came into care on January 21, 2016.

Challenges: Moe, Larry and Curly have tested positive for parvo. 

Total estimated vet bills: $4200 - antibiotics, hospital stay, IV fluids, monitoring, multiple medications, transfusions. Funds raised: $2600. 

Current health: Unfortunately Larry has passed away from parvo on January 25, 2016. Curley and Moe are currently still in the hospital and on IV.
Three cheers for Moe! He's bustin' out of the hospital today! Hopefully Curly will be next - he's starting to improve too!

Curly is now out of the hospital and is recovering with his brother Moe in their foster home!

Update: Curley and Moe are both loving their foster home - They're doing plenty of running around and wrestling with each other!

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In Memoriam
This section is dedicated to the Super Troopers that have crossed over the rainbow bridge, run free sweet babies.

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Run free Benny,

Benny first started coming to a lady's house in Black River for food in October. He was too timid for her to take him inside, so she fed him and gained his trust for the next two months. Eventually Benny ventured inside to eat and we planned to bring him in. 

However, Benny disappeared for four days until finally the day before his ride was coming, he returned but it looked like he had been attacked because he had fresh cuts. Benny came into care with serious internal injuries, hernias, multiple puncture wounds, trouble breathing, broken ribs, a raging infection and was euthanized that same night on January 16, 2016. 

Total vet bills: $700
Funds raised: $0

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Rest in peace sweet girl

This little girl Kia was very sick when she arrived at the Southglen Veterinary Hospital. She was diagnosed with parvo and was so weak that she could barely lift her head. Her owners  surrendered her to MMDR because they couldn’t afford the large treatment fees. She was there for one night and passed away.

If you wish to donate to her memorium fund to help cover the bills, you can donate online or by mail. We thank everyone who donates to help us give each animal we bring into care, the best chance for a healthy life. Sometimes even the best efforts can't win, but we invest the funds to give each animal the best shot at life they can.

Total vet bills: $230
Funds raised: $100%

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Rest in peace little Iggy

Iggy came into care of Manitoba Mutts for three days before she became lethargic, started vomiting, had diarrhea and was diagnosed with Parvo. She was immediately placed on IV fluids, IV medications and was given transfusions. 

Despite the best efforts of the staff at Southglen Vet, poor Iggy continued to deteriorate to the point it was necessary to make the decision to end her pain and suffering. Iggy was let go with her foster parents by her side on April 19, 2015. 

Total vet bills: $1450
Funds raised: 100%

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Run free beautiful Akira.
We're glad we got to know you.

To donate to Akira’s care, please visit:

Background: Akira first came into care in December 2014 as a surrender from a small community in Nunavut, where she used to be part of a sled dog team.

Challenges:  When Akira came into care, she had an infected, prolapsed uterus. The day after the corrective surgery and spay, she escaped from care. She ran through downtown Winnipeg with her cone still on her head, and got hit by a car. She continued to run all night and late into the next morning through several neighbourhoods. After a massive search by volunteers and people posting sightings online, Akira was finally caught. She was taken straight to the vet to be checked out and, miraculously, she had no new injuries and her stitches were still intact. 

Successes: Akira’s surgery went well, and she is resting in care after her big adventure. 

UPDATE: Akira began showing some symptoms such as watery eyes and lethargy so she was brought to the vet. Unfortunately she tested positive for Distemper, a contagious and serious viral illness with no known cure. Akira's foster family took her back home to allow her to spend her final days in a loving home. She passed away on January 14th. 

Vet Bills: Hospital stay, blood work, fluids, surgery, pain meds: $850. [Funds raised to date: 100%]

Thank you to all who donated towards Akira's care.

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Rest in peace Miss Beazley.
We're glad we could show you love.

To donate to Miss Beazley’s vetting costs please visit:

Background:  Miss Beazley came into care as a stray from a Manitoba community on October 31, 2014. She was living outdoors in a school yard, where the principal watched over her until we could bring her into care.

Challenges: When Miss Beazley came into care, she had a broken hip, was severely dehydrated and underweight, had bloody stool, refused to eat, and was very lethargic. Testing revealed that she also had parvovirus, a life-threatening disease.

Miss Beazley was so weak that she would not have been able to handle the surgery and intensive parvovirus treatment.  She was beyond our help and the best thing for her was to end her pain. 

Vet Bills: hospitalization, IV fluids and meds, x-rays, euthanasia, cremation: $700. [Funds raised to date: 100%]

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Rest in peace sweet Ace.

To donate to Ace’s vetting costs please visit:

Background: Ace came into care as a stray from a Manitoba community on September 26, 2014.

Challenges: While in his foster home Ace's foster mom noticed that he was lethargic and had difficulty breathing. He was immediately rushed to Southglen Veterinary Hospital. While in care we learned that Ace was suffering from pneumonia. He was immediately put on IV antibiotics and IV fluids.

Success: After a couple days of treatment, Ace is getting better! He's currently in his foster home and he will be available for adoption soon.

Vet Bills: $1750 for IV antibiotics, IV fluids, and boarding. [Funds raised to date: 100%]

UPDATE: Ace was introduced to you all as a Super Trooper last week and after rebounding for a few days he took a sudden turn for the worse. Ace's foster mom noticed that his symptoms were coming back and rushed Ace to an emergency vet hospital on Thanksgiving weekend. Ace then suffered from three grand mal seizures and it was apparent that whatever he had, he wasn't going to recover from. While we don't know for sure, his pneumonia-like symptoms now combined with seizures point to distemper being the likely cause of death. Run free Ace, we're glad we could show you love.

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There are extreme cases of care and support at Manitoba Mutts. We've selected a few dogs to feature as super heroes. Their will to live, and our generous community of volunteers and donors save their lives. And along the way these dogs touch all the lives of those involved along the way. We call them our Super Troopers. Follow their stories. Share. Donate.

Will's Story

Background: Will is an eight-year-old senior who was seized by the provincial government with his sister Grace. 

Challenges: Like his sister, Will’s teeth were rotten so he needed to have them all removed. 

Total estimated vet bills: Pain medications, extractions, antibiotics: $1400. Funds raised:100%.

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Grace's Story 

Background: Grace is a six-year-old senior who was seized by the provincial government with her brother Will. (In the photo Grace is standing and Will is shaking his fur.)

Challenges: Most of Grace’s teeth are rotten and need to be removed. Her dental work will need to be done at the same time as her spay but with multiple extractions.

Total estimated vet bills: Pain medications, blood work, spay, extractions, IV fluids, antibiotics: $1,000. Funds raised: 100%.

Current Health: Grace has been diagnosed with lyme disease and is getting her teeth extractions done today, February 29, at McLeod Veterinary Hospital.

Update: Grace is doing fantastic now that she’s had her tooth extractions. She has a ton of energy and has moved from wet food to moistened kibble.

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Bindi's Story
Background: Bindi is a mama dog that came from a northern community where she had been chained up. Sadly before we could bring Bindi into care, her three 8 week old puppies died of a suspected poisoning.

Challenges: Luckily Bindi was brought into care safely, but unfortunately she was covered in wood ticks and had diarrhea. To make matters even worse, poor Bindi also tested positive for heartworm during her intake exam.

Total estimated vet bills: heartworm treatment, medications: $1000. Funds raised: 100%.

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Winx's Story

Background: Winx was rescued by a rescue group called Strays That Can't Pay in Canupawaka. He was found alone and very skinny.

Challenges: During Winx’s intake exam, he was diagnosed with parvo.

Total Vet Bills: Four days hospital stay, IV fluids and meds: $1300. Funds raised 100%.

Health: Winx is doing really well, the parvo was caught very early so he’s had an excellent chance at recovering. Winx came home on November 4, from his surgery (he had a bad hip) he's doing really well and is fully enjoying the extra babying he's been getting. Winx has been relaxing a lot, he's a little sore and itchy from the incision but is still a super happy guy. Absolutely nothing can keep this little guy’s spirit down; he’s such a happy puppy with the worst luck.

Update: Winx’s surgery went very well but he still has about two months of recovery left. Nothing phases this guy, he's so happy all the time! He loves to play with toys and is very talkative. He even enjoys playing in the tub still. Winx is just a big goofball with tons of love to give.

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Donations saved my life! 

Super Trooper Indy has found her forever family and is adjusting really well! She’s a smart girl who listens wonderfully to her new family members, especially when there are treats involved! Indy is calm and does great when new people visit. She also loves to go out for walks and to explore new places.

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Indy's Story

Background: Indy was found wandering in a northern community on someone’s property. She also looked as though she must have had pups recently. 

Challenges: During Indy’s intake exam, she tested heartworm positive. 

Total Vet Bills: Pre-treatment medication, x-ray, hospitalization, heartworm treatment, pain relief, IV: $1000. Funds raised: 100%. 

Current health: Indy’s treatments will be done at Dakota Veterinary Hospital. Indy’s energy levels have improved now that she's had her first round of heartworm treatment, yet she is still very good at remaining calm. Indy is a good natured girl who is a complete pushover when it comes to getting treats and attention. Indy is doing great with her training and will definitely shine once she’s done her heartworm treatment and is allowed to exercise.

Update: Indy has a lot more energy now that she has completed her second round of heartworm treatments; she’s even beginning to play! Indy is a quick learner when she’s not being a goofball. She’s doing great with her training and has mastered sit, lay down and shake a paw, and is currently working on roll-over.

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Donations saved my life! 

Super Trooper Sable (renamed Sadie), is doing wonderfully as an alumni and is the perfect addition to her new family! 

Sadie is adventurous; she likes exploring her surroundings. She is very intelligent and has a keen desire to learn new tricks (especially when she receives treats for doing so). She is always ecstatic to meet people and loves to receive affection in the form of hugs and of course belly rubs. 

Her new family says, “What we love the most about Sadie is that she brings such happiness to our lives and she has the most adorable face!”

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Sable's Story 

Background: Sable came from a northern community with her two sisters Cinder and Ebony. Her other siblings were given away.

Challenges: Sable is vomiting, has diarrhea, is lethargic and dehydrated.

Total estimated vet bills: $600 - hospital stay, fluids. Funds raised: $100%.

Current health: Sable is vomiting, has diarrhea, is lethargic and dehydrated but the medical staff at Southglen Veterinary Hospital aren’t entirely sure why as of yet.

Update: The vets still aren't sure what caused Sable's sickness but she has recovered and is doing great in her foster home!

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Donations saved my life! 

Trinity has found her purrfect home and has joined our Super Trooper alumni! She’s a shy girl who has become comfortable with everyone in her new home. Trinity is very sweet and loving but at the same time, she is very curious and likes her space. ”We love her quiet meows and gentle nature,” says her new mom.

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Trinity's Story

Background: Trinity was found as a stray in Steinbach and was limping when she came into care.

Challenges: Her left leg had an old and poorly healed injury that was causing her pain which needed to be amputated since it was not repairable.

Total estimated vet bills: $500 - Amputation, hospital stay, fluids and medications. Funds raised 100%.

Current health: Trinity is recovering in her foster home.

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Donations saved my life! 

Kluane (now known as Lanie) is now a Super Trooper Alumni! She’s adjusted well to her new home and is very loving towards her family. She’s a bright girl who learns quickly from all of her new experiences.

Lanie can be shy in certain situations but is working on her confidence. She trusts family and friends, especially her mom’s 2 ½ year-old granddaughter. 

Her new mom says “Lanie is my shadow and gets a little panicky if I am out of sight - I think that we have bonded extremely well. She’s a wonderful companion and I’m looking forward to a future of good times with her.“

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Kluane's Story

Background: Kluane was a stray found on someone’s property and is a mommy who came into MMDR very skinny. Her puppies were found under cement stairs that needed to be broken to get all the babies out.

Challenges: Kluane has tested heartworm positive.

Total vet bills: Heartworm treatment approximately $800. Funds raised: 100%.

Current health: Kluane is still skinny but she’s eaten over 50 lbs of kibble in less than a month. She has a hard time breathing when she runs and is very slow. Kluane tries to play with her pups but she can’t for long since her breathing becomes laboured. Because of this, she spends most of her time in a kennel or in the garage where her pups are. Although Kluane needs to breath heavier at times, she’s still happy girl who loves attention.

Update: Kluane aka Lanie is back from her first heartworm treatment at Fort Garry Vet. She did really well, she's moving slowly but seems happy!

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Robbie's Story

Background: Robbie was found near Shoal Lake where he would ride the ferry back and forth daily to find food and get cuddles from riders.

Challenges: Robbie has kidney worms.

Total Vet Bills: surgery, hospital stay and care, ultrasound, medications: $1000. Funds raised 100%!

Current Health: Robbie has kidney worms and will need his right kidney removed. He also has his cardiac ultrasound on Friday and if all goes well, he can have surgery soon.

Update: Two worms have been found in Robbie’s kidney and another worm in his abdominal cavity. Special thanks to Robbie’s wonderful foster who paid one of his vet bills of nearly $300!

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Donations saved my life!

Thanks to everyone who generously donated towards Robbie! His medical fees are completely paid off and he’s joined the Super Trooper Alumni by finding his forever home!

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