There are extreme cases of care and support at Manitoba Mutts. We've selected a few dogs to feature as super heroes. Their will to live, and our generous community of volunteers and donors save their lives. And along the way these dogs touch all the lives of those involved along the way. We call them our Super Troopers. Follow their stories. Share. Donate.

Super Trooper update: Moby

Background: Moby was a stray found in Peguis. She was found with her brother who went to another rescue. Both Moby and her brother were terrified and starving.

Challenges: During Moby’s intake exam, she tested heartworm positive. 

Total Vet Bills: Heartworm treatment: $700. Funds raised: $0. 

Update: After Moby’s first heartworm treatment, she was super tired and not herself but after a couple days, she was wagging her tail and wanting to play. To fully recover from the heartworm, Moby’s isn’t allowed much exercise but she seems to be much happier. Especially since she’s been adopted by a wonderful family who loves her lots!

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Super Trooper update: Winx

Background: Winx was rescued by a rescue group called Strays That Can't Pay in Canupawaka. He was found alone and very skinny.

Challenges: During Winx’s intake exam, he was diagnosed with parvo.

Total Vet Bills: Four days hospital stay, IV fluids and meds: $485. Funds raised $80.

Update: Winx is doing really well, the parvo was caught very early so he’s had an excellent chance at recovering.

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Red's Story

*UPDATE* Red had to undergo an emergency C-section while in labour. She did well, and has 11 babies that she's going to try her best to feed. As a result, Red's Super Trooper's funds need to be increased and additional funds are needed. 

Background: Red came from Swan Valley and when she came into care, she was very skinny. 

Challenges: Red tested positive for heartworm and is also pregnant. However, she won't be able to start her treatment until her babies are born and have been weaned. Since we have quite a few Super Troopers in care, Mutts was concerned about being able to fund her heartworm treatment.

Total vet bills: Heartworm treatment PLUS emergency C-section and meds to assist with the birth:  $1664. Funds raised: 100%!!.

Update: Our generous supporters have raised $800!! This makes it possible to schedule Red’s heartworm treatment and to ensure she can start as soon as possible! Red has gained a ton of weight from her puppies and she’s due to pop any day now. The heartworm is causing her to breath heavier but she’s doing everything she can to support her babies. Red is a happy girl who loves cuddling and loves her food.

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Murfy's Story

Background: Murfy is a Powerview stray that was caught by a dog catcher. He was very skinny and had only three days before being euthanized.

Challenges: During Murfy’s intake exam, the vet found that he was heartworm positive through his blood work. 

Total Vet Bills: Heartworm treatment: $800. Funds raised: 100%. 

Update: Murfy is feeling better now that he’s had his first round of  heartworm treatment and he’s beginning to take an interest in playing with the fellow dogs in the house. However, Murfy’s heartworm is causing him to feel tired so he is restricted to limited exercise for now. Luckily Murfy loves cuddles and enjoys to sit on anyones lap to relax.

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In Memoriam
This section is dedicated to the Super Troopers that have crossed over the rainbow bridge, run free sweet babies.

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Rest in peace sweet girl

This little girl was very sick when she arrived at the Southglen Veterinary Hospital. She was diagnosed with parvo and was so weak that she could barely lift her head. Her owners  surrendered her to MMDR because they couldn’t afford the large treatment fees. She was there for one night and passed away.

If you wish to donate to her memorium fund to help cover the bills, you can donate online or by mail. We thank everyone who donates to help us give each animal we bring into care, the best chance for a healthy life. Sometimes even the best efforts can't win, but we invest the funds to give each animal the best shot at life they can.

Total vet bills: $230
Funds raised: $0

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Rest in peace little Iggy

Iggy came into care of Manitoba Mutts for three days before she became lethargic, started vomiting, had diarrhea and was diagnosed with Parvo. She was immediately placed on IV fluids, IV medications and was given transfusions. 

Despite the best efforts of the staff at Southglen Vet, poor Iggy continued to deteriorate to the point it was necessary to make the decision to end her pain and suffering. Iggy was let go with her foster parents by her side on April 19, 2015. 

Total vet bills: $1450
Funds raised: 100%

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Run free beautiful Akira.
We're glad we got to know you.

To donate to Akira’s care, please visit:

Background: Akira first came into care in December 2014 as a surrender from a small community in Nunavut, where she used to be part of a sled dog team.

Challenges:  When Akira came into care, she had an infected, prolapsed uterus. The day after the corrective surgery and spay, she escaped from care. She ran through downtown Winnipeg with her cone still on her head, and got hit by a car. She continued to run all night and late into the next morning through several neighbourhoods. After a massive search by volunteers and people posting sightings online, Akira was finally caught. She was taken straight to the vet to be checked out and, miraculously, she had no new injuries and her stitches were still intact. 

Successes: Akira’s surgery went well, and she is resting in care after her big adventure. 

UPDATE: Akira began showing some symptoms such as watery eyes and lethargy so she was brought to the vet. Unfortunately she tested positive for Distemper, a contagious and serious viral illness with no known cure. Akira's foster family took her back home to allow her to spend her final days in a loving home. She passed away on January 14th. 

Vet Bills: Hospital stay, blood work, fluids, surgery, pain meds: $850. [Funds raised to date: 100%]

Thank you to all who donated towards Akira's care.

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Rest in peace Miss Beazley.
We're glad we could show you love.

To donate to Miss Beazley’s vetting costs please visit:

Background:  Miss Beazley came into care as a stray from a Manitoba community on October 31, 2014. She was living outdoors in a school yard, where the principal watched over her until we could bring her into care.

Challenges: When Miss Beazley came into care, she had a broken hip, was severely dehydrated and underweight, had bloody stool, refused to eat, and was very lethargic. Testing revealed that she also had parvovirus, a life-threatening disease.

Miss Beazley was so weak that she would not have been able to handle the surgery and intensive parvovirus treatment.  She was beyond our help and the best thing for her was to end her pain. 

Vet Bills: hospitalization, IV fluids and meds, x-rays, euthanasia, cremation: $700. [Funds raised to date: 100%]

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Rest in peace sweet Ace.

To donate to Ace’s vetting costs please visit:

Background: Ace came into care as a stray from a Manitoba community on September 26, 2014.

Challenges: While in his foster home Ace's foster mom noticed that he was lethargic and had difficulty breathing. He was immediately rushed to Southglen Veterinary Hospital. While in care we learned that Ace was suffering from pneumonia. He was immediately put on IV antibiotics and IV fluids.

Success: After a couple days of treatment, Ace is getting better! He's currently in his foster home and he will be available for adoption soon.

Vet Bills: $1750 for IV antibiotics, IV fluids, and boarding. [Funds raised to date: 100%]

UPDATE: Ace was introduced to you all as a Super Trooper last week and after rebounding for a few days he took a sudden turn for the worse. Ace's foster mom noticed that his symptoms were coming back and rushed Ace to an emergency vet hospital on Thanksgiving weekend. Ace then suffered from three grand mal seizures and it was apparent that whatever he had, he wasn't going to recover from. While we don't know for sure, his pneumonia-like symptoms now combined with seizures point to distemper being the likely cause of death. Run free Ace, we're glad we could show you love.

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There are extreme cases of care and support at Manitoba Mutts. We've selected a few dogs to feature as super heroes. Their will to live, and our generous community of volunteers and donors save their lives. And along the way these dogs touch all the lives of those involved along the way. We call them our Super Troopers. Follow their stories. Share. Donate.

Linus's Story

Background: Linus came from a Manitoba community after his owner passed away.

Challenges: Linus came into the intake exam with sores all over his back which was caused by ticks. During the exam, the vet found that he was also heartworm positive and has lyme disease. Linus also had some early complications and had to spend a night at the vet getting treated.

Total Vet Bills: Hospitalization, IV medication, IV fluids: $1100. Funds raised: 100%.

Update: Linus’s sores have healed and he is now tick-free. Although Linus has a laid-back personality, he’s regained his energy and seems to be feeling much better.

Linus will be available for adoption once his treatments are complete.

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Sophie and Angelique's Story

Total Vet Bills: Hospitalization, medication, IV fluids: $2958. Funds raised: 100%. 

** watch their story on SHAW TV  

Background: Sophie and Angelique were a part of a litter of four who were having symptoms of lethargy, loose stool and throwing up. Since their owner couldn’t afford to treat all four puppies, she surrendered Sophie and Angelique to Manitoba Mutts while giving another pup to a different rescue in hopes of giving the puppies a chance to survive. 

Challenges: Sophie, Angelique and their brother came into Fort Garry vet on Friday July 3, 2015. They were very quiet, looked nauseous, were severely dehydrated and had drool leaking out of their mouths. Sophie and Angelique’s vet results came back strongly positive for parvo (canine parvovirus). They were then immediately hooked up to an intravenous and were on IV antibiotics and anti-nausea medicine.  

The next morning Sophie and Angelique received a plasma transfusion. They were depressed, and had no appetite. 

Gina, one of the Techs at Fort Garry vet, came in Sunday morning to check on the pups and saw that they were looking a little brighter. She even saw some tail-wags and rollovers for belly rubs. Both Sophie and Angelique seemed a little stronger and there wasn’t any vomit or diarrhea to be seen.

On Monday, Gina entered the parvo ward expecting to be greeted by happy puppies but instead saw vomit and diarrhea. The puppies seemed to be worsening; Sophie and Angelique received a second plasma transfusion and a new IV antibiotic. They were also force-fed so their blood sugars didn’t drop too low. 

Tuesday morning, Sophie greeted Gina at the front door of her kennel and began to lick her force-feeding syringe. Angelique was quiet, as was her brother, but their little tails were wagging. 

Update: Unfortunately their brother succumbed to the disease but Sophie was bathed and discharged on Wednesday, July 8, 2015. Angelique was strong enough to be discharged the next day. Angelique was spinning circles and eating great on her own.  

Gina says, “They were here for just under one week and I don't believe they would have survived without staying as long as they had. I'm glad we didn't give up on these sweet babies.”

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Pepi's Story

Read about Pepi in the Metro news:

Background: Pepi came into care June 18, 2015 where he was found by an Animal Control officer outside of Winnipeg. He’s an eight year-old Bichon and Poodle mix who has lost his eyes. 

Challenges: Shortly after coming into care Pepi started showing signs of illness with loose stool, was lethargic and he was not eating. Once he was taken to the vet, Pepi tested positive for parvo.

Total vet bills: Hospitalization, medications, parvo treatment: $1100. Funds raised: 100%.

Update: Pepi is eating well and has become his foster parent’s little shadow. He’s opened up since being in care and loves snuggling up to sleep on his foster parent’s chest. Pepi is a brave little guy who is always willing to greet everyone and enjoys getting attention. Since he’s had his parvo treatment, Pepi’s energy levels have increased and he adores running outside in the grass.

**Pepi is currently on medical hold and is not up for adoption yet.**

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Donations saved my life!

Pepi has found a wonderful home and has joined the Super Trooper Alumni! He’s settling into his new home and now has some fur buddies - a great dane and two cats! Pepi gets tons of love from the great dane and sometimes mom has to jump in to give Pepi some breathing room. Pepi is very content and calm and is happy to sit and cuddle. 

His new family says, “I love Pepi’s spirit. He's come through a lot - and he's still an adventurous and curious little guy with a loving heart.”

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Sasha's Story

Background: While a rescue team was delivering food and supplies to the residents of a Manitoba community, Sasha's owner asked if she could be surrendered to rescue. MMDR's intake team was contacted and luckily a foster home was found quickly so we could say yes to bringing her in. She had recently weaned puppies who were also surrendered and sent to a different rescue.

Challenges: Sasha was very skinny from feeding her pups and had ticks all over her body. During her intake exam, Sasha’s blood work showed that she is heartworm positive.

Total Vet Bills: Intake exam, heartworm treatments: $743. Funds Raised: $100%.

Update: Sasha hasn't had heartworm treatment yet, but she's doing well in her foster home. Each day Sasha is gaining confidence, is playful and outgoing. Sasha is eating well and has shown her foster her loving personality. Sasha is scheduled for her heartworm treatment to begin in the next couple of weeks.

Update: Sasha has now completed two heartworm treatments and she’s doing great recovering in her foster home. We will soon know if she requires a third treatment.

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Donations saved my life! 

Sasha has joined the Super Trooper Alumni! Her wonderful new mom (and former foster) generously fundraised over $600 to cover Sasha’s remaining treatment fees!

Sasha is a sweet, affectionate and quiet girl. She listens very well to commands such as sit, stay, down and shake-a-paw. Sasha always looks forward to visits from her human cousin Abby.  

Sasha is still on bed rest but her mom says,”I’m looking forward to all the fun we’ll have when she gets past all her illnesses.” Once Sasha receives the go-ahead from the vet, she’ll be able to be active and play regularly. Sasha is already showing a ton of interest in the lake and the dogs who pass by her neighbourhood. 

Sasha’s mom says, “I really love how she just fits in to my home and my life. She’s going to be one spoiled little girl.”

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Marnie's Story

Background: Manie was found in Grand Rapids after allegedly being torched and hit by a car. 

Challenges: When Marnie was taken to the vet she had a huge lump in her knee. Her x-rays showed us that her entire femoral leg bone was fusing itself in an abnormal way. If this continued, she eventually wouldn’t be able to walk. Marnie also had bruising along her right side and upon inspection, it seems that a couple ribs were broken at one point. 

Total Vet Bills: Spay, leg amputation, medications: $875. Funds Raised: 100%.

Update: Marnie has had her leg amputated and was spayed. Due to her leg injury, Marnie has had lots of practice modifying her balance for life on three legs. Although she went through two surgeries, she still wants to be up and walking but she needs to learn how to slow down to allow everything to heal. 

To donate to Marnie's care, please visit:

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Donations saved my life!

Marnie (now known as Ruby) is a Super Trooper Alumni!  

Ruby’s new parents say, “Ruby has been a complete joy since she first barrelled (full-tilt) into our legs! Her completely lovable and enthusiastic personality had our hearts melt from day-one. Her perseverance and adaptability from her back-leg amputation has been nothing short than admirable and we’re enjoying watching her get stronger every day.” 

Ruby continues to amaze her new family by jumping, no leaping, over obstacles to reach her toys and by learning her commands easily. Nothing stops Ruby from getting on the couch and  getting as close as possible to her new parents for cuddles. 

“We've been blessed to have Ruby join our family and we look forward to many more years of adventure!,” says Ruby’s adopters.

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Madeira's Story 

Background: Madeira was found hanging around the teacherage in Black River. She had no collar, was hungry and looked unkempt.

Challenges: During Madeira's intake exam, the vet found a very deep puncture wound on her chest and her blood work came back showing she was Heartworm positive.

Total Vet Bills: Wound repair surgery, hospitalization, medications and Heartworm treatment: $650 Funds raised: 100%

Update: Madeira underwent surgery to place two drains in her chest so her puncture wound can heal properly. The drains and staples were recently removed and she has healed up perfectly! She has also completed her Heartworm treatments and is well on her way to picture-perfect health!

Throughout her whole ordeal Madeira has been an excellent patient and even willingly took her medications from her foster family!

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Donations saved my life!

Madeira has joined the Super Trooper Alumni! She’s found a forever home where she gets lots of cuddles and kisses. 

Madeira loves to wrestle with her fur brother Ruger and enjoys trying to chew her mom’s shoes (She gets lots of bones and toys to keep her away). 

Her foster parents say, “Our favourite thing about Madeira is that she's always smiling and just happy to be around people. And even though she's not very far in her training, she listens well and comes to her name. She’s pretty much just a big sweetheart.”

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Bliss, Cupid, and Sweetheart's Stories

Background: Bliss, Cupid, Lovebug and Sweetheart came into care on February 12, 2015. All of the pups had parvo which caused Lovebug to pass away.   

Challenges: We are working out their tummy issues and the dehydration that comes with parvo but they’re looking better everyday. All of the pups have gained a lot of weight with their improved health and diet since coming into care but they still face some health hurdles as their immune systems are still weak.

Bliss is the runt of the litter but came in healthier than her siblings. She’s a small and quiet girl who prefers to stay out of her siblings antics. She’s also very smart and has figured out the stairs and other challenges in record time! Bliss likes to stay inside and keep warm by cuddling and giving kisses to anyone in her vicinity, including the cat. 

Sweetheart is getting fluffier everyday! She loves to play outside but when it's time to slow down, she’ll snuggle right into your neck. Sweetheart was the weakest of the three but she’s perked up and loves to wrestle with her brother. She was also very skinny but is now eating like a champ and catching up.  

Cupid was also very skinny and weak when he came into care. He’s a handsome guy who loves snuggling with his sisters. Although he has the shortest hair of the three, Cupid is always on the top of the puppy pile to keep his sisters safe. As he becomes healthier, Cupid is starting to enjoy wrestling with his sister and running around in the snow. When Cupid slows down for cuddles, he usually snuggles with his siblings, but is always open to cuddle you too! 

Total vet bills to bring into care: Hospitalization, IV fluids, IV medication and take-home medication: $1500 to treat all three pups. [Funds raised: 100%]

Update: Bliss, Cupid and Sweetheart still have some tummy issues so they’re staying on a gastro diet for a little longer. They’re getting their first vaccinations this week and are working on their kennel and house training which are coming along nicely. 

Bliss, Cupid and Sweetheart can all sit for treats and Cupid is shaking a paw! They’re all super snugglers and Bliss is a big kisser, she thinks everything is better with a kiss. Sweetheart is learning to fetch but she hasn't mastered “drop it” yet.

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Donations saved my life!

Sweetheart (now known as Sophie) has joined the Super Trooper Alumni and is loving her forever family. She is very playful and enjoys “helping” with yard work. Especially when her parents are trimming trees, because she gets a few branches to carry around. Once Sophie is tired out from carrying sticks and chasing tennis balls, her parents often find her curled up in their son’s room with her “friends” (his stuffed animals).

Sophie is a smart girl who has figured out sit, down, come and roll over without her family asking. She is currently enrolled in Lisa Rasmussen’s puppy obedience classes and is learning fast. Sophie has also mastered sleeping in her kennel but her snores can be heard throughout the entire house. 

Sophie a very sweet and patient girl with high energy who is very loving towards her new family. Her new parents say, “I think the one thing we love most about her is how sweet her personality is.”

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Habanero’s Story

Background: In November 2014, Habanero first came into care as a stray from a small community, where he was being fed by local workers.

Challenges: When Habanero’s foster brought him to the vet to be neutered, it was discovered that he had an old pelvis injury, and his right rear leg needed to be amputated. He also had a couple of fractured teeth that needed to be removed.

Vet Bills: X-rays, leg amputation, tooth extractions: $939. [Funds raised to date: 100%]

Successes: Habanero’s surgery went well and he is learning how to live the good life in his foster home.

Update: Habanero is doing fantastic! Having three legs doesn’t stop him from running around, being carefree and loving life!

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