At Manitoba Mutts we take in dogs from all over Manitoba who have been abandoned, abused or surrendered at no fault of their own. Our dogs are tested with other dogs, cats and kids. Please note that listed breeds are more often than not just a guess based on the appearance of the dog. Also, full grown weight for puppies is a guess based on their mother and supposed breeds. Almost all of our rescues are purebred mutts, which is what makes them so special, they're one of a kind.

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Age: 3 months (07-01-2014) | Sex: Male
Breed: Mixed | Size: M (30-50lbs)

Hi I’m Bacon from the BLT litter! I am a laid back but spunky little guy who will keep you entertained all day. I’m shy when meeting new people but if you give me some time, I will warm up to you especially if you give me belly rubs! They are my favorite! I am almost fully kennel trained. I stay in my kennel during the day while my foster mom is at work and I am working on my house training. My foster mom and I spend our evenings playing with toys and cuddling on the couch. Your heart will melt once you meet me! I’m such a handsome, fluffy guy! I will be a great addition to your family!

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Age: 8 weeks (07-28-2014) | Sex: Female
Breed: Mixed | Size: L (50-80lb)

Hi!  I am Lima from the Bean litter!  I love to give warm puppy kisses to my foster family.  I am a sweet little girl who has a cuddly calm side and a curious playful side!   I am very comfortable meeting new people and other dogs.  I am great with kids and play really good with my older and slightly bigger foster sister.  My foster mom taught me how to sit and come already!  I am a very smart and fast learner! I am doing really good with house training.  I ask to go outside at the back door and love spending time in the yard with my foster family.  I chase leaves and run around looking for new adventures so my foster family keeps a close eye on me! I sleep in my kennel all night and enjoy time in my kennel during the day too. I am a great pup and would love to join your family!  I will light up your life!

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Age: 10 weeks (07-28-2014) | Sex: Male
Breed: Mixed | Size: L (50-80lb)

Hi, I'm Pinto from the Bean litter! I am such a cute little guy that loves to play with my two foster brothers. These two guys are teaching me how to play nice with other dogs. My foster family loves me and they tell me how smart I am. I am kennel trained and will sleep right through the night. I know sit and down. I am working on the leave it, stay and come command.  When I am outside I find so many interesting things that I sometimes get a little distracted!  I don't have any accidents in my kennel, and I'm working hard on my house training but sometimes I get so excited when I am playing I forget to tell you I have to go outside. When I get tired of playing I like to cuddle and give endless puppy kisses. I haven't had all my shots yet so I haven't gone for any walks but have practiced walking in the yard on a leash, I sometimes like to grab the leash but if you hold a treat in front of me I forget that you have a leash on me! I haven't met any cats yet but I am young and I am sure with the proper introductions I will be just fine.  I have met a 5-year-old girl and very much liked playing with her and giving puppy kisses! I am waiting for that special person or family to adopt me, love me and make me part of your family.  In return I will love you, be loyal to you and be your best friend!

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Age: 3 months (07-17-2014) | Sex: Male
Breed: Mixed | Size: L (50-80lbs)

Hi my name is Treble, I am an easy-going, friendly little boy. I like to play with my stuffed puppy head and my rubber chicken! I am working very hard on house training and go on my pee pads mostly but I do still have accidents as I am still young. I am also working on my mouthing and I am getting very good at being gentle! I get a little scared when left alone and I cry. I am sure with a little patience and once I figure out that you are coming back I will be ok. I have met a few young kids and I was very good with them. My foster mom said I was a very good boy and that made me happy. My furry foster sister is a cat and I like her too! She is teaching me boundaries. I think secretly she likes me as well because she could hurt me if she wanted to but she doesn't. I also play very well with other dogs and just have to be told to play nice with little dogs. I will always accept a treat and will sit and shake a paw for a treat! My foster mom says I am going to make a wonderful family pet and that I have such a big heart and that may be because I have stolen hers.

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