At Manitoba Mutts we take in dogs from all over Manitoba who have been abandoned, abused or surrendered at no fault of their own. Our dogs are tested with other dogs, cats and kids. Please note that listed breeds are more often than not just a guess based on the appearance of the dog. Also, full grown weight for puppies is a guess based on their mother and supposed breeds. Almost all of our rescues are purebred mutts, which is what makes them so special, they're one of a kind.

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Age: 9 months (2013-10-23) | Sex: Female
Breed: Mixed Breed | Size: S (0-30lbs)

Hi! I'm Charmy!! I am a playful girl who loves to fetch and 'kick' my mini soccer ball. I am fully house and crate trained. I generally don't need to be crated, but I do love socks if my people leave them around for me to find! I'm good with mature dogs, and would love to learn from them! I don't know how I would be around cats. I need to go to a home with no kids, as they make me nervous. I LOVE going for walks, but need to practice the leash (it just doesn't seem to want to go as fast as me!)

I am a friendly girl who would love to greet you everyday with a smile and curl up with you at night! Will you take me home? 

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Age: 1 year (2013-02-09) | Sex: Female
Breed: Mixed Breed | Size: M (30-50 lbs)

Hi, I’m Precious! I’m a sweet, quiet, friendly girl who loves affection and playing outside. I am fully house trained and working on getting used to my crate, although I don’t need to be crated at night (I love sleeping next to my foster’s bed!). I am great with other dogs and kids and very curious about cats because I want to play with them. I love going for walks and I am getting used to being on a leash. I’m blind in one eye, but that doesn’t stop me from exploring and having fun!

I am an affectionate, kind-hearted girl who would love to go to the park with you. Is there room for me in your family?

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Age: 1 year (2012-11-10) | Sex: Female
Breed: Mixed Breed | Size: M (30-50lbs)

Hi I'm lala, I'm a very shy girl. New people tend to make me nervous. I'm quiet, housetrained and like my crate. I'm doing good on a leash but can easily take off if something spooks me. I love to lounge around just as much as I love to go for walks and explore. I'm okay with cats and kids, but would settle a lot better without either one. I'm also good with dogs, a forever sibling could help me adapt better to being a family member. Being part of a family is something very new to me, I need someone who can help teach me that people are nice and caring. Is that someone you?

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Age: 2 years (2012-08-06) | Sex: Female
Breed: Mixed Breed | Size: M (30-50lbs)

Hi there I’m LouLou. I am an easy going and intelligent girl. I am independent and have my own mind but learn quickly. I love kids! My 9 and 11 year old foster brothers love playing with me and I love the attention and the exercise. I kinda hang out in my kennel or with my foster Mom when its time to relax. I am slowly learning not to jump up on people but I so love attention...I just want to let them know. I am great in my kennel and sleep soundly for 10+ hours. I am very interested in birds and rabbits, so would probably do best without cats. I get on well with other dogs, but I do like to be the boss! I walk with a halti on which is helping me pay attention and lead better. I am also learning how to be a great jogging partner. If I sound like a good fit for your family please come and meet me, as I am looking for stability, in a permanent home where I am loved and cared for.

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Age: 1 year (2013-02-04) | Sex: Female
Breed: Mixed breed | Size: M (30-50lbs)

Hi I’m Corrie!  I’m the lucky mom to the Flooring litter. Now that my babies are ready to be on their own it’s my time to be me!  I’m a quiet, sweet gal who loves to be with people.  I get along very well with other dogs and cats too! I love living in the house and I’m a well behaved girl when left alone inside.  I have great off leash recall, and I also have very nice leash manners. I love, love , love  to eat and I’m working hard on learning to wait until it’s my turn when treats are being given out and how to take them nice.  Can’t blame a girl for being excited and wanting them all…treats are awesome!  Everyday life gets better and better for me, now all I need is a family of my own.  Are you my lucky family? 

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Age: 2 years (09-01-2011) | Sex: Female
Breed: Mixed Breed | Size: L (50-80lbs)

Hi, I'm Queenie! I am a very loving girl who just loves to snuggle. There is nothing I love better than to spend time with my humans. I LOVE going for walks, but I will also be a couch potato with you. I am fully housetrained and don't need to be crated as I don't chew or destroy anything. I'm a very well-behaved girl and am currently learning how to fetch with one of my toys. I would prefer a home where I am the only dog as I still need some work with socializing with other dogs. I would be best in a home without cats or other small pets as well. For now it's best it's just me and my humans! My foster mom thinks I'm the best! 

Are you looking for an easy going girl who would love to give you cuddles and kisses? Look no further I'm here!

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Age: 3 years (2011-04-25) | Sex: Female
Breed: Mixed Breed | Size: L (50-80lbs)

Hi! I’m Arendelle (Aren) momma to the Frozen litter! I’m a laid back and easy going girl and I love to just hang out with you. I am fully house trained, but not crate trained. I have been really good in the house. I love the kids I have been living with. Right after I was done caring for my puppies, I had to start my heart worm treatments. The vet told us that in 3 weeks I can start going for 5 minute walks, and I can’t wait!!! I love to be outside. I have only been on a leash a little bit, I’m pretty good, but still need a little practice. I am a cautious girl, and would love a family of my own. I used to be a bush dog, but now I really love living in a house, close to my family. I like to sleep close by, and jump up for a quick snuggle before bed. Now that my babies have homes, and my treatments are done, I am ready for my new home and family.

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Age: 11 months (2013-09-13) | Sex: Male
Breed: Mixed breed | Size: L (50-80lbs)

Hi I'm Shamus, but I go by Ziek now. I'm a fun, happy guy who loves to wrestle with my foster brothers. I am completely house and kennel trained, although I am left out of my kennel with my foster brothers and I am doing great! I am good with other dogs, although I have a moderate amount of energy so I hope they are ready to play! I am great around dog-savvy cats too. Here's the thing, I'm still getting used to my legs - they just grew super long one day and I'm a little clumsy with them, so children over 10 would be best, just until I learn how big I actually am! I LOVE THE PARK! Do you love the park?! It's great, and I love to be off leash!! I am a smart boy who loves to sit next to my foster family, or lay at their feet for a snooze. I'm looking for a family with another dog or who are going to be ok with my energy level and have time to play with me. Is that you?

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Age: 2 years (2012-07-01) | Sex: Male
Breed: Mixed breed | Size: XL (80+lbs)

Hi I'm Roscoe! If you look up 'gentle giant' in the dictionary, you'll find my photo. I love playing with my foster brother and sisters, but am just a happy to snuggle with my humans.  At 105 lbs, I am very strong, and am learning to walk without pulling on the leash. I am fully house trained, but not crate trained - mama says that's because I am trustworthy to be alone in the house. I am great with kids and will bark at cats but otherwise will just ignore them. Really, I just want to be wherever my people are. Are you my people?

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