Staff Positions Available

Team volunteers are volunteers who are able to commit several hours each week.  Our volunteers are the back bone of Mutts, doing the work that allows animals to be rescued and re-homed.  If you have some time available and are interested in learning more, please send an email to  You will receive some forms, and have a chance to chat about Mutts and opportunities.

Some examples of positions are:

  • Foster check in – Position will check current and potential homes to act as fosters for MMDR.  There will be specific criteria reviewed to ensure that the homes meet the standards of MMDR.  Hours: 4-8/week
  • Foster Follow-up – Maintain contact with foster families to ensure all is well and respond to questions or concerns. Assist in maintaining a current list of available foster families. Hours: 2-3/week
  • Reference Checker – Completes reference checks for potential adopters. Follows a set of questions, records responses, updates spreadsheet with information. Hours: 2-3/week
  • Sponsorship Coordinator – Conducts research into funding opportunities. Writes proposals or completes applications (after discussion with management). Hours: 4-10/week


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