Age: 3 years (2015-09-15) | Sex: Female
Breed: Mixed | Size: L (50-80 lbs)

Hi. I’m Trudy! I’m an active and fun girl who loves chasing bunnies in the yard and having my butt scratched! I am fully housetrained and fully crate trained.

I am good with other dogs, but I don’t like cats and other small animals because I have a high prey drive and want to eat them! 

I LOVE going for walks but I’m still learning and need an experienced owner who is strong enough to hold back all 75 lbs of me from bunnies…I really want to catch one! A fenced yard is a must for me so I have a safe space! 

I need a home without small children (must be over 12 yrs) as I can be rough while playing and also do not appreciate having my personal space excessively invaded.

To ensure you are comfortable with my quirks, I also come with a ‘behaviour credit’ for a one on one consult with one of Manitoba Mutts participating trainers!

I am a sweet and friendly giant though, who would love to keep your bed warm. Is there room in your family for me? 

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