Age: 2 years (2018-01-17) | Sex: Male
Breed: DLH | Size: S (0-30lbs)
Mutt-O-Meter: GREEN

Are you looking for a cat to keep you on your toes? A ball of unrelenting frenetic energy let loose upon your living space? A vivacious feline companion who bounces off the walls?
I hope not, because I am none of those things!

My name’s Tazi, and I am the ultimate couch potato. I’m about two fitness levels up from a stuffed animal. I see no shame whatsoever in embracing my inner layabout and spending 90% of my day snoozing, snuggling, or snacking.

My hobbies include purring, sitting on stuff, staring at people, and doing all three at once. I also really enjoy spending time with humans! I love to curl up on their laps, stretch out beside them in bed, or even just sit next to them while they’re watching Netflix. I love when they pick me up, and when they brush my hair. I love to slowly circle the kitchen while they’re cooking, gazing at them with pleading eyes in hopes they might drop something tasty.
I have no qualms about other cats. Maybe I’m not the greatest team player — I don’t like to chase or wrestle – but I’m sure some of you can relate, can’t you? I’m an introvert who just wants to do my own thing. I haven’t met any dogs or small children yet, but I can’t see it being a problem. I’m about as chill as they come.

I’m fully litter-trained and I’m a good eater. Actually, I’m a great eater. Okay, maybe I’m a bit of an over-eater. But other than an extra pound or two, I’m in excellent health, and I just know the right family can help me keep my weight in check.

Need someone to lounge around with for the rest of this dreary winter – and heck, all the other seasons too? I’m your guy!

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