Age: 8 months (2019-03-12) | Sex: Female
Breed: DSH | Size: S (0-30lbs)
Mutt-O-Meter: GREEN

Hi, I’m Selena! I’m a playful little girl with a big personality. I love to scamper around and play with my toys, then snuggle up close to you and purr when I’m tired.

Did I mention I like to play? What I would really love is some energetic animal siblings to play with in my new home, a playful dog or maybe another cat, because then I would be less bored!

Human siblings would be fun too, if they weren’t too young. Sometimes I like to play with my teeth. I’m learning how to play gently and getting better every day, but I would do best with children that understand I’m still learning.

I’m extremely curious and will explore every inch of my forever home, when I finally get there. I love to spend hours looking out the window at the world. Maybe someday I’ll see you out the window and will scamper to the door to greet you. Can’t you imagine how much fun we’ll have?

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