Age: 3 months (2019-05-29) | Sex: Male
Breed: DSH | Size: S (0-30lbs)
Mutt-O-Meter: GREEN

My brothers Van Gogh and Britto were both adopted and that leaves lonely ole me. I’m not sure why everyone is passing me up though as I’m the perfect little kitten!

Love cuddling? Me too!! Matter of fact, it’s one of my favorite things to do. I love to be held, kissed and cuddled. I even love sleeping in bed with you and cuddle in tight at bedtime. I will have to spend some time chasing your fingers or toes under the bed sheet before we settle down though as making the beds or anything to do with the sheets is one of my favorite games. Talking about favorite things, water is another one of mine. I’m fascinated with water coming out of the taps, the drain in the tub and especially my water bowl. I love to tip mine over and move it around.

I’m a true gentleman and only use my litter box. I’ve been neutered already and am almost done my vaccinations! I’m just starting to want to scratch things, so if I start on something I shouldn’t, foster mom just moves me over to my scratch post and I continue my scratching there.

I’m currently living with a little dog and really don’t even notice she’s there. Neither of us bug each other and there’s no issue. I’m a pretty innocent kitten so although I’ll do just fine with a dog in my new home, they will have to be very cat friendly as I won’t be expecting the need to defend myself and we wouldn’t want any accidents or injuries.

So even though I came into care with my two brothers, I’ve since started living with another little foster kitten after they got adopted. I was quite bossy and to be honest, a little mean the first few days. I’ve calmed down now and we’re like BFF’s running, playing and cuddling. I like to be the boss and groom the other kitten a lot so if I move to a house with another cat friend it would have to be a nice, slow intro and they’d have to be sociable like me as I don’t understand boundaries (such as pouncing on, playfully biting, grooming, cuddling and even walking on and over) others yet.

I’m really the sweetest little guy and am hoping my new family comes and picks me up soon!

Monet ❤️

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