Age: 1 year (2017-12-11) | Sex: Male
Breed: DSH | Size: S (0-30lbs)
Mutt-O-Meter: BLUE

Well hello there! Mignon here. 

Your probably wondering how a fine looking young fellow like myself ended up in care. Well that’s easy, I’m actually looking for a family that’s more suited to my needs. You see, I’m a very outgoing, fun loving, energetic, playful, talkative, dog loving cat that would like a family that can provide me with the mental stimulation and dog friend that I require. Yep, you read that right, I’m lonely and looking for dog love. My dream doggie friend would play with me, gently chase me, wrestle me, and most importantly cuddle me. I’m NOT looking for a dog friend that would constantly chase me in an unfriendly way. You see, I’m very dog trusting and am na├»ve in the fact that some dogs might not mean well, this could end up with me getting hurt so I can only go to a cat tested, friendly dog home. 

I’m also hoping my new parents will have the time to give me the mental stimulation that I’m craving. You see, I’m not one of those couch potato cats that’s fine hanging out all day. I crave excitement, activity and fun!! I LOVE my outdoor time as well. I am only allowed in the yard while being supervised though. I am harness trained but don’t use it anymore as I’m really good once 
I’ve learned my yard boundaries. 

I am 100% litter box trained and have never gone outside my box. 

Scratching? Only my scratch posts of course, I do have manners! 

Now here’s my glitch. I have what’s called Feline Herpies. Now, before you skip my profile, hear me out. There is no test for this Herpies thingy so it was the best guess our vet could give when I had a previous eye infection. That’s long cleared up but we wanted to make sure you knew it was a possibility that I could have it. No, you and your dog cannot get it. Cats? Yes, if there was ever a flare up. For this reason, I would not be able to go to a home with other cats. It’s unfortunate as I do love them as much as dogs. 

Well what do you think? Ready to give me a chance and come meet me? Trust me, you won’t be disappointed and my foster mom will be ready to answer all the questions I’m sure you have. Oh, and remember to bring my dog friend when you come! 
Love Mignon

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