Age: 1 year (2018-01-28) | Sex: Male
Breed: Mixed | Size: L (50- 80lbs)
Mutt-O-Meter: GREEN

Well, hello! 

My name is Melfie, and I sure have been through a lot! But, I’ll tell you, I am a fighter and as you can see, I have certainly come a long way in healing after my injuries! I am so grateful to the RCMP officer that saved my life, to the loving veterinarians and technicians that worked so hard to heal me, to my foster family for loving me and for Manitoba Mutts for bringing me into their rescue. I would not be here today if it were not for all of these fine hoomans.

I am a quirky kind-of-guy, in as much, that I awake each morning with my tail wagging non-stop, as I just want everyone to know how happy I am to be alive and to wake up each morning knowing that I had a warm bed to sleep in and that I will be fed a healthy breakfast after I do my ‘business’.

My routine is pretty much on track each day! I sleep through the night with no messes and no kennel is necessary for this dude! I let my foster family know when I have to go out and I can be trusted in the house all day…well other than my penchant for socks. If I find ‘em on the floor…they’re mine!

I don’t chew anything at all…I just like to toss ‘my’ sock treasures around in a playful manner. I do this to taunt my foster family, because they shouldn’t leave their socks lying around for me to find them. That’s what a laundry basket is for. So, in essence, I’m trying to teach them to pick up their socks!

I love going for walks and am most excellent on a leash! I’ve never really been around cats, but do tend to host a curiosity about them when I see them on our travels. I play very well with other doggos, and just love having them visit me!

I know my foster family wants to keep me, as they show me so much love and kindness, but realize that if I stay with them, they may not be able to save another pup in need, like I was, and I sure am grateful for the love I have received. 

I may have allergies, and we’re sorting that out at the moment. It doesn’t sound like it’s a very big deal from what I am told. They say I might just need an allergy shot or two and a bit of food trial, as I am a bit itchy, but we can work together on this!

I’m a very loving guy and cuddles are the best! I will surely keep you entertained with my hilarious zoomies, as I know when I’m outside ‘cruising around’; my foster family cracks up at my antics! I can get pretty excited and am still learning not to jump on my humans, so I probably wouldn’t be great with very small children.

I just love making them smile. 

Would you like to see me in ‘zoomie mode’? How about feeling my glorious fur and looking deeply into my big brown globes? I know once you meet me, you will fall in love with me, because I am such a handsome, well-natured dude.

Why don’t you put in an application to meet me? I know I am looking so forward to meeting you!

Love and light, Melfie.

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