Age: 10 months (2018-05-17) | Sex: Female
Breed: DMH | Size: S (0-30 lbs)
Mutt-O-Meter: GREEN 

Hello, I’m Martina! And I’ve got a good feeling that 2019 is going to be my year!

2018 was incredibly busy and transformative for me. For starters, I was born! The next few months are a bit foggy, but as winter arrived I found myself living outside, scrounging for food and depending on the kindness of strangers. By the time Manitoba Mutts rescued me, it was starting to get cold and I was pretty skinny.

Living in a house these last couple of months has been a wild ride. I’ve had all the food I could ever hope for, and I’m almost at my goal weight (6 pounds, give or take). And I’ve learned so many new things! The potted plants, for example, are not for pooping in. There’s a special box for that, which I mastered in no time at all. Another fun fact: that cat you see when you look in a mirror is actually your own reflected image, not an enemy. But don’t let that stop you from growling at it for hours if you’re looking for some cheap entertainment.

Humans are good for sitting on, because they give off body heat that you can steal for yourself. If you purr and snuggle them they will also pet you, which I must say is divine. You can charm other cats by perching nearby pretending to be a harmless loaf, then inching toward them for a stealth-cuddle. In general I’ve found you can go far in life by being friendly, soft, and cute.

2019 has been amazing so far, but my ultimate goal is to find a family to live with forever – one who will give me treats and scratch my chin, and who won’t mind when I drink out of their water glasses. If you know anyone who’s looking, be sure to send them my way! 

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