Age: 9 weeks (2019-07-28) | Sex: Female
Breed: Mixed | Size: L (50-80 lbs)
Mutt-O-Meter: GREEN

Hi! My name is Madrid and I am from the Spain litter! If your looking for that cute little puppy that will just curl up at your feet 24/7 then that’s not me. I do have the cute part
down, but I need my family to keep me busy. I have so much puppy energy. Show me new things. Teach me, play with me and love me. In return I can be that puppy that will snuggle up with you when I am tired and give endless kisses!

Right now I sleep in a xpen with my sisters at night, so I haven’t been crate trained. When foster mom puts us to bed she turns out the lights and we know it’s bedtime. I am not house trained yet but I do know what the pee pad is for.

I love playing with the big dog at my foster home. She doesn’t scare me at all, until she barks at me. Usually I deserve it because I find her tail so intriguing! Lol I haven’t met kids or cats yet. I think I would like kids, but right now I have sharp little puppy teeth and would have to be supervised around them. I am just learning that my toys are for chewing on, not foster mom’s hands and ankles!

Oh, one last thing, did I tell you I like water? I find my water dish fascinating and I think that if I put my front paws in there and start digging, I will find something interesting after I empty all the water! Lol. So that’s a bit about me. If you think I will be a good fit with you, come and meet me. Remember I am looking for my forever home, with my forever people

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