Age: 7 years (2011-12-19) | Sex: Male
Breed: DSH | Size: S (0-30lbs)
Mutt-O-Meter: BLACK

Hi. I’m Fox! I’m an independent and charming guy who loves curling up into my person’s lap for scratches and naps. I am fully litterbox trained and have never had any accidents. I am good with other cats (given a slow and proper introduction), but I would much prefer to be the only pet. My ideal family understands cat behaviour and boundaries, as I am a ‘less is more’ kind of cat. I love gentle head pets and the occasional belly rub. I love engaging in play using toys that I can chase and anything on a string! Too much stimulation can be overwhelming for me though, so I enjoy playing in small amounts and gently. I may do best with older children as long as they give him me a little space as needed. 

I am a handsome boy who would love to be your best friend and keep your lap warm, always.

Is there room in your family for me?

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