Age: 9 weeks (2019-08-08) | Sex: Male
Breed: DSH | Size: S (0-30lbs)
Mutt-O-Meter: GREEN

Get ready world, Emery is here!

Are you looking for a spitfire of a kitten?! Someone who stands up for themselves, doesn’t take any guff and plays as hard as they love? Well then I’m your little man. I’m feisty, funny, playful and oh, so loving and cuddly. I am very vocal and love to express my feelings on pretty much anything and everything.

I was found outside when I was very young and had to stand up for myself on the streets to survive so my feistiness can include some yelling and spitting when I feel threatened or scared. I calm down pretty quickly once I realize I’m fine but it can be a little shocking to see and hear a tiny little kitten getting so riled up. Please keep this in mind if I’m going to a family with other animals as I’ll need a slow and calm introduction to the others so that I feel safe and don’t get too stressed.

Ready for all my heart melting qualities? I’m a lover. I love my cat foster brother Monet. It did take me a few days to settle in with him once I came into care but we are BFF’s now. He’s a bit older then me so he’s been showing me the ropes and teaching me how to be the best kitten I can be. (Did you know Monet is up for adoption as well?).

I love my humans. I love cuddling up with them. I love when they give me kisses and when we tuck into bed together at night. I love when my human foster sister tucks me in her shirt or cuddles me like a baby and I can fall asleep in her arms.

I love all my toys and Monet and I chase each other around the house, wrestling and play fighting over them.

I am also a really good boy with my litter box having never gone anywhere but there. I am just starting to want to scratch things so if I start anywhere besides my post, my foster family just move me over so I learn what is appropriate and not. My new family will just have to keep up on this with me as I will have no idea what you’ll want me to use in my new home.

Because I’m still so young, I can’t go home until Oct 3rd and will have to finish my vaccines and get neutered once in my new home. This is all covered in my adoption fee though.

Are you ready for some action, some adventure and well. possibly a little spit?! Look no further because you’re little baby is here waiting for you.

I am ready for meetings now and can go home with my new family October 3rd when I am 8 weeks old and have had my first vaccine!

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