Age: 7 months (2019-07-01) | Sex: Female
Breed: Mixed | Size: L (50-80 lbs)
Mutt-O-Meter: GREEN

Hi, I’m Beauty! I’m a pretty laid back little girl who absolutely loves food, but only because I was always scared there wouldn’t be any. Since I’ve been with my foster mom, I’m starting to learn that I am going to be able to eat every day and not have to worry anymore. I’ve been doing great with house training and only have the odd accident. I sleep in a kennel every night and when my foster family isn’t home…’s not so bad! There are a few other dogs here with me, so when I eat I like to be seperate from them, otherwise I feel like they are going to steal my food. I also have 2 kids here with me that I love to cuddle up too. I don’t quite know how to play yet so I like to use my mouth to get attention, my foster mom keeps giving me toys instead but I still don’t fully understand. I seem to do pretty good with other dogs unless they get to close when I’m eating, and I’m not sure I know what a cat is. I’ve only been on a leash a couple times, to and from the truck, but I don’t act like I hate it! I definitely need some practice with my manners now that I don’t have to worry about food, I sometimes think my foster moms hand is part of the treat! The youngest little person I’ve been around was 2, her mom had to remind her to be gentle with me otherwise I get a little scared. So it is best you monitor me well around young kids to be sure they are safe and I am safe too!

I truly am a sweet girl who would gladly give you cuddles whenever you need, or when I need! With a little effort and a constant reminder that I will always have food, I will be the best friend you ever had! Do you have room for me in your heart and home?!?

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